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''When I got stuck in my career a few years ago, I didn't realise that I could get support beyond the standard medical and psychological services I was familiar with. I needed a ''softer'' solution to guide me towards my next chapter. I figured it out, but it took me longer than if I had been accompanied on this journey by an expert.

My hope is that Gift for the mind can do for others what I would have wanted and needed at a time in my life when I felt stuck and a little lost.''

Mathilde Boyer, Founder Gift for the mind

Job interview


Democratising access to personal and professional development services by providing a platform to easily gift these experiences to people who may not have thought of them or may not have been able to afford them otherwise.


Living in a world where individual self-awareness can improve relationships (including our collective understanding of one another), unlock potential, promote creative problem solving and guide us all towards more conscious behaviours, choices and decisions.

Professional conference table

Brian Tracy recommends investing 3% of our income back in self-development in order ''to guarantee our future''.


We certainly see the value in doing so, however...


  • 1- Not everyone will be willing to invest until they have experienced the benefits of personal development.

  • 2- Not everyone can afford it.

  • 3- Not everyone is aware of the spectrum of experts available out there to support one's personal growth.


This is why Gift for the Mind was born. To democratise access to personal development through gifting. It allows people to easily support their loved one's personal and professional development by giving them a transformative experience with an expert in this field.

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