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Audrey Zeitoun

Relationship and Love Coach

I work with women and men who are struggling in their love life, in their marriage or who are going through a divorce or breakup. I help them find answers, make decisions, manage their emotions and fears and build their best possible future.

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Meet Audrey

Audrey trained as a certified transformational life coach with one of the leading coaching school in Europe. Her training is accredited by the ICF (The International Coaching Federation), the leading body in the coaching world. 


Audrey also trained as as relationship coach and has a training in positive psychology. She is very approachable and knowledgeable.

Audrey has a unique signature program tailored to suit each client individually. She has years of experience dealing with problematic relationship and relationship breakdown.

Her clients are all over the world and she works online in English and French. 

Services Offered

Pricing for Audrey's services


Single session of 1 hour:
£100 | US $113 |100€

1:1 coaching program on a package of 6, 12 or 24 sessions of 1 hour:
£100 | US $100 | 90€ 

Expertise and certifications

Audrey is certified in transformational coaching and positive psychology with a specific area of expertise in relationship and divorce coaching. All of her diplomas are certified by the ICF ( International Coaching Federation). 

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Audrey is a fantastic coach and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I was feeling a bit lost in my new life and wanted to spend more time with my family. I managed to prioritise my goals -This was enormously helpful.​Her strengths are listening, empathy and patience....letting me come to the answer myself. Felt empowering. 


Audrey has helped me identify what’s important and make decisions about my life that I couldn’t have done without her help. She is an extremely generous and inspiring coach.

Dear Audrey, This week, the one of our 5th session, has been the most transformative of my life in the last 20 years, with no less than 6 world shaking episodes, some sad, some happy. Thanks to our work I have been able to navigate what could have been a storm with mindfulness, insight and purpose. I wanted to acknowledge you before the week ends. Thank you 

Access free resources from Audrey

YouTube Channel

 Rediscover the joy of solo living, find your confidence to build a rich, contented and independent life and a heart that's open to finding true love. 

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Podcast #divorce

#divorce is the French and English podcast on divorce and wellbeing. This podcast is for those going through a divorce, needing legal information, practical and wellbeing tips as well as support to go through the divorce process and rebuild themselves. 

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Audrey's services start from £100 | US $100 | 90€ for 1-hour coaching session

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