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Bernadett Nagy

Life Coach for Men

Bernadett supports men, high achievers, to create a conscious, fulfilling life which feels really good inside, not only looks good from the outside.

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Meet Bernadett

I am a rebellious idealist: I lived in 6 countries in 10 years, re-building my life and re-inventing myself several times. I believe we are all here to enjoy life, not only to survive.


After 3 years of traveling the world, 10 years of following my heart: creating new homes, relationships, job opportunities and constant challenges for myself, it was time to come to a realization.


6 months with the painful signs of anxiety, just before a potential burnout it was clear to me: my strategy for creating a fulfilled life was not working. My life looked exciting, I looked successful and happy, but deep inside I was not feeling well.. I have found myself stuck in a vicious circle.


So I decided to settle in Barcelona to discover what happiness really meant to me after so desperately looking for it outside of me.

With the help of life and business coaches, therapists, breath work and yoga teachers, spiritual leaders and healers I have finally created a life which is fulfilling to me, from which I do not have to run away anymore. I have learnt that being unapologetically me, living aligned with my core values, healing my childhood wounds, being on my mission and consciously nurturing healthy relationships is what I call a happy life.


I have spent my last 6 years sharing my experiences and tools, supporting my clients to stop self-sabotaging their joy and peace, instead finally creating a life they truly love. Today I am helping successful, high achiever men to create a conscious, fulfilling life which feels really good inside, not only looks good from the outside.


What can you expect if you decide to work with me?

We will be working on defining what fulfillment and success means to you personally, then discover what is in your way to achieve it. I will also support you to appreciate your past, enjoy your present and to create a future you are truly proud of. This will probably make you feel more at peace, more confident and energetic in your daily life. You will achieve more in the next months than ever before. Following a holistic approach, we are not only aiming at having a purposeful professional and private life, based on balance and passion, but also look at developing meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.


On your self-development journey you will also find answers to the following questions:
-How would life look like on my own terms?
-What is my life mission, my purpose?
-How can I be my best version?
-How can I get successful in my job, while not compromising a good work life balance?
-How can I stop feeling stuck, lonely, hopeless and start living with joy instead?


Life is too short to allow yourself not to enjoy it. Let’s find out how you can make the best of it!

Services Offered

I am offering a free 30 mins discovery call to find out if we are a good match to work together. We will be co-creating a safe, non-judgmental space for you to self-reflect and explore.


All my sessions are tailor made to your needs and moment in life, held online on Zoom and take 90-minutes.


My coaching toolbox contains elements from my Co-active Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) trainings. Although inner work is something serious, I will show you how to make it fun.

*Please note that the prices are subject to change based on exchange rate and other factors.

Expertise and certifications

Bernadett has spent the last decade of her life learning, developing, healing and exploring to make sure that she can create a safe space for the transformation of her own clients. Her professional trainings include Co-active Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) modules.


Besides her 1on1 coaching sessions, she has also created a Men’s Circle, a safe space where conscious men can meet and support each other.


As co-creation is her way of being, she gathers her own coaches, therapists, healers and professors to share their wisdom with her clients in the form of monthly workshops. The highlight of the work with her Men’s Group is the magical 4 days Heroes’ Re-Treat where they all come together in a beautiful villa in the middle of nature to explore, connect, celebrate and to deepen our transformation.

What is ManCoaching?

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Jamie Davies - Creative Director

"Firstly and importantly Bernadett is a phenomenal coach. She got right to the heart of several of my coaching needs and worked me through a very structured plan so we achieved things together through the process, which I found exceptionally rewarding and simple to do. But perhaps more importantly Bernadett is a wonderful human being. She is kind, empathic, emotionally intelligent and highly creative. The deeply feeling and emotive side blended with the structured and insightful coaching practice led me to fairly incredible and life changing results in a relatively short time frame. I cope better in work, with stress, I am it’s fair to say, a better version of myself personally and across my relationships in their various forms. Specialising in men and our needs and issues, Bernadett can see things and understand things we can but also the things that we can’t see. I have no hesitation in recommending her if you feel you want to get your life into greater alignment and to find more inner fulfilment and peace."

Malte Heidmann- CEO 

"In my early 30th I started asking myself a lot of questions. What is my purpose in life? How can I create a fulfilled life? How can I be the person, I would like to be? What is needed to let go and what to dream about? How can I get better and successful in my job, but not compromising a good work life balance? All these questions I am answering with the incredible help of Bernadett that is guiding me through this journey of awareness, dreaming, becoming and creating."

Adam Halpern - Growth Consultant

"I can comfortably say that if it wasn't for Bernadett, I would still be stuck in an endless loop of self-sabotage and life stagnation. She has been a primary catalyst for my personal and professional advancement. Don't let her seemingly soft demeanor fool you. Bernadett has the skills, perception, and force of spirit to bring your shadows into the light and hold you accountable to do the work needed for resolution and growth. I have achieved more in the last six months than I have in the last six years of my life. Bernadett is a major reason for this success."

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Bernadett's services start from £220 | US$ 270 | 250€ +VAT for a 90 minutes 1on1 coaching session online.

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