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Billie Forbes

Transformative Coach
Mindset | Well-being | Resilience

Billie works with organisations and individuals to build resilience, develop their mindset and gain confidence. All whilst prioritising wellbeing and growth.

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Meet Billie

I am a qualified life coach with a level 7 diploma in coaching.

My dream in life is to live in a world where everybody has the tools needed to train their mindset for success and happiness.


I work with organisations and individuals to build resilience, develop their mindset and gain confidence. All whilst prioritising their wellbeing and growth.


We live in a world where mental stress and burnout is on the rise. In this ever changing world it is so important to equip people and organisations with the correct tools to transform their mindset, prioritise their wellbeing and achieve success.


I specialise in employee wellbeing, resilience and mindset coaching. I have experience in working with organisations, students and individuals on a 1-1 and group basis.

Services Offered

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Expertise and certifications

Billie has completed a level 7 diploma in life coaching. She also enrolled in a masters degree in positive psychology and positive coaching. Her expertise lie in employee resilience and workplace wellbeing training. She has received excellent testimonials and achieved great results in these categories. She also has expertise in confidence coaching, having lots of experience in coaching students and professionals to develop confidence.

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Paul Panton
12 week Resilience Program
Sarah Scott
1-1 Mindset Coaching

 I honestly don't think the program can be improved, it has been amazing and informative. I use it every day, Billie ran the course like a seasoned pro. I would highly recommend this course!! Paul Panton - 12 week Resilience Program

I can step back and de-stress and most importantly control the stress. It has helped me recognise that there is more to life than remaining in my pjs's on the weekend!

 Josh Ward (Teacher)
Employee Burnout Workshop

Billie coming into speak to our staff gave everyone a really good opportunity to refocus the mind and gain refreshing clarity on what we can control, whilst being positively resilient to external factors. Investing time in yourself is often deemed a tough task, however, our staff left the workshop, refreshed, and motivated ready to implement small changes that can assist in better performance and self-wellbeing.

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Billie's services start from £55 | US $70 | 65€ for a 60-min 1:1 Mindset & Confidence coaching session

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