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Carly Jean Puch 

Conscious Living Coach

Carly shows her clients how to be imperfectly sustainable.


Meet Carly

It is time to learn how to take care of yourself AND the world. It's possible to live a more sustainable life without being miserable. You can be vegan without only eating tofu. You can live a life that is easier on the planet.


After many years of pushing for perfection in how I lived my life, I realized perfection is impossible, and that's okay. I want to help you get there WITHOUT the stress. By taking a holistic approach to coaching, I blend together the connection to your own health and environmental impact. I will help you develop a healthier mind, body, and approach to living. I can't wait to connect with you.

Services Offered

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Expertise and certifications

Carly is a certified Plant-Based Health and Wellness Coach. She has also registered over 200-Hour as a Yoga Instructor and is a recognised Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher.

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I loved working with Carly as a Transformation Coach. I'd never done any coaching like this before so I had no idea what to expect, but Carly was awesome to talk to and made the whole process fun. I looked forward to our sessions all week, and I learned a lot about myself and about things like yoga and meditation, which I'd wanted to learn more about for a long time. If you're ready to take the next step in your journey, I'd totally recommend working with Carly!

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Listen to Carly's podcast

If you want to learn about how to live a healthier life, how to live more sustainably, and how to take your everyday actions and make them work for you and the planet, Consciously clueless is perfect for you! Sometimes it might feel like you've got this figured out and other times you probably feel lost. That's why I'm here. Together, we will learn how to live happier, healthier lives without the need to be perfect, and always allowing space for a little cluelessness on this journey to living a more conscious life.

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Carly's services start from £135 | US $150 | 155€ for a single 90-minute coaching session.

Please note that the prices are subject to change based on exchange rate and other factors. They need to be confirmed with the expert prior to redeeming your experience.

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