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Carolina Ramuski

Sleep Coach and Nutritionist

Carolina is the Founder of the Primordial Sleep Lab. She uses ancestral knowledge and technology to biohack health. She is on a mission to educate and help as many people as she can to improve their sleep so that they can start having the lives they deserve.

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Meet Carolina

My name is Carolina Ramuski, I’m a sleep and health coach and naturopathic nutritionist. I studied nutrition at CNM in London UK and health coaching at IIN in NY. As well as doing my own research which involved many little courses on sleep, reading lots and lots of books, listening to hours and hours of podcasts, reading 100's of scientific papers. Not only that, I’ve tested and I still test everything on myself, I love self-experimentation and self-learning. I'm also very interested in human evolution and use it as a way to guide my practice.


Personal growth is very important to me and I love being able to help people grow and improve their lives by educating and encouraging them to prioritize their health. I'm fascinated by the human body and all of it's mechanisms. I'm very interested in how we sleep, how we eat, how we move, how we think, how we react to our environment, how our emotions work and how it all connects and affect us.


Being healthy seems complex, especially nowadays when there is so much conflicting information around. However, I believe that being healthy can be quite simple if you look into our ancestors and how they lived. We have moved so far from how it used to be even 50 years ago.

We are all unique and have individual needs. My job as a sleep coach and a naturopathic nutritionist is to empower you to explore your full potential, support you while you take back total control of your life and hold you accountable, which is the most important part of the process of change. I'm here to be your ally, without any judgement or criticism. Having accountability is the difference between success and failure when it comes to achieving our health goals, or any goals, for that matter.


My health journey started ABOUT 15 years ago, when my interest in nutrition and healthy living started. Back then there were a lot of documentaries coming out about healthy eating, the food industry and about food in general. I used to have an American standard diet, full of processed food and a lot of sugar. After watching some documentaries, I learned about ancestral ways of living and eating, I learned about how hunter gatherers ate and lived and it made so much sense to me. I then started eating in a more intuitive way and following our ancestor's way of life and it really worked for me.


A few years into changing my lifestyle my mother got diagnosed with cancer. It was very aggressive and took over her whole body pretty quickly. It was very frustrating not knowing enough about the human body and everything that was going on. In the end she left us and of course it was very hard losing her, but that fuelled my curiosity even further and that’s when I decided that I wanted to learn more about nutrition and fell in love with the human body and all its mechanisms. I’m fascinated by the brain and mental health and about how everything has an impact.


As I learned more and more about healthy lifestyle choices, I gradually changed my mindset around healthy living, throughout the years I optimized my diet and exercise regimen, and yet I felt that there was something missing. Sleep health wasn’t something that seemed that predominant at the time and even around people that knew a lot about health, there wasn’t so much focus on it. Sure I knew a good night sleep gave me more energy and focus.. but there wasn't so much emphasis on how much it affects all aspects of our lives.


When I started learning, I realised that there are 4 pillars to health-Sleep, emotional health, nutrition and movement. I decided to focus on sleep because it was the one that is most overlooked. As healthy living is becoming more mainstream, people are focusing on diet and exercise but no one is paying too much attention to sleep. The deeper I got into studying about sleep, I realised that sleep is actually the FOUNDATION of our precious building aka our body, it is not merely a pillar.


Sleep is more important than nutrition, exercise and emotional health. Sleep can override these other pillars and impact them all positively or negatively. Sleep is actually the maker or breaker of these other pillars.​So I'm on a mission to educate and help as many people as I can to improve their sleep so they can start having the lives they deserve.​​

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Carolina is a Certified Naturopathic Nutrition by CNM-London Certified Health Coach by IIN-New York Self-Taught Sleep science by taking Sleep courses by Sleep experts such as Matthew Walker and Michael Breus as well as researching and reading/analysing over 150 scientific papers on Sleep, 100 Hours+ of podcasts and books on the science and strategies of sleep, CBT-I course on Udemy as well as experimenting on Myself and clients, friends and family.

Robert Kent

Sleep has always been an issue I have been meaning to address (amongst others!). Carolina’s course enlightened me to not only the importance of sleep hygiene, but also how important it is in relation to the hierarchy of health needs. I learned that good sleep has a positive knock on effect with diet, physical health, vitality as well as mental health. It was highly educational, and I learned about facets of sleep that I had never previously considered, such as my chronotype and how habits can impact on the quality of your sleep. Carolina even showed me how to set up my own sleep lab, and how to measure sleep quality using both accessible technology and also subjective experience, which are of equal importance. Most importantly, Carolina is very down to earth, relatable, and passionate about her profession. She is always on hand to offer advice and support, she clearly loves her subject, and is dedicated to helping others achieve holistic health and wellness. She is totally herself in the educational videos. She is highly relatable, humorous and genuine. I highly recommend taking Carolina's course if sleep is an issue for you.


DDS, MSc, PhD André De Vito

Taking the Primordial Sleep course meant an important gain in health and professional performance for me. After following the classes, changing habits and adhering to the use of some devices recommended by Carolina Ramuski, I started to sleep the 8 hours recommended for my chronotype (hummingbird), I increased the duration of my REM sleep and my Deep sleep and got to lose 11 kilos in 8 months. I strongly recommend this excellent program for improving sleep quality and quality of life.

Bruna Magnoni

ll the content and follow-up I've had during this process was absolutely useful and effective. Each week Carolina brought contents that complemented each other. With small changes in my habits, I improved the quality of my sleep and was able to identify habits that were destroying my sleep and rest time in general. This process is highly recommended

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