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Cathy Young

Trainee Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist 

''For me ‘Health is Wealth!’  Living with optimal, vibrant health allows us to live in love, harmony and happiness within ourselves, towards others and the beautiful world around us.''

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Meet Cathy

Cathy is an *almost* qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and a member of the Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).


Suffering from chronic, severe eczema as a child with a mountain of allergies and many skin + gut health issues throughout her life, Cathy embarked on her own gut healing journey and was able to heal herself. 

From a young age she has known that what we eat, how we live and the level of toxins we are exposed to has an effect on our overall health. Now she is able to pair her passion and her extensive knowledge into a very empathetic and caring service to help individuals, children and families on their healing journey.


Cathy supports people so that they too can heal themselves. Cathy also runs a very popular Gut Health + Reset programme which allows individuals to rebalance their microbiome. As we know, all dis-ease starts in the gut!

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Cathy is nearing the end of her advanced course in Naturopathic Nutritional Healing. She has completed various gut health courses and through healing herself has developed priceless knowledge.


Wow, I have just woken up with happy tears!I already feel better on the programme for 2-3 weeks, than I have done in the whole of last year! I have felt progressively sluggish, tired and bloated all of the time and had gained weight. Now at 2 weeks into the programme, I am not bloated at all and my cravings are non existent. After being a very emotional eater for most of my life, I am now nourishing my body as I know how to do it.This is beyond priceless for me and I thank you for what you do. You have such a wonderful energy.



I looked at a selfie I took today of me with my son Noah, while out for a walk and I smiled because for once I actually liked how I looked! I looked fresh, my hair looked thicker and healthy, I felt like I was sparkling and was full of energy. This was during week 5 of the gut cleanse. I feel great too and others are telling me I am glowing too. There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am to have found Cathy and this programme. I actually think I talk more about Cathy and the programme than I do about myself! 

I have learnt more in the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 35 years. I think everyone should be educated like this. 

Cathy’s knowledge is admirable, informative and her support is second to none. These changes I have made are now for life. It has given me the confidence to cook more and I am making conscious decisions for my body. It’s empowering me to want to change the way my family eats so I can ensure I am giving my son the best start in life. Not only that, Cathy is supporting me in healing my endometriosis so I can improve my chances of having another baby. Taking the right supplements and eating the right foods, means I am creating the right environment for him/her to grow. I am eternally grateful for Cathy , Andrew and their community for all the guidance and support.


Just a little update on my progress… I have lost 12 pounds!  I cannot believe it!  My plantar fasciitis has improved so much!  What a difference!  Thank you so much.  This is such an amazing job you do!  you are literally saving us from illnesses that could lead to premature death.  What a rewarding, amazing job you have! 

Watch Cathy explain the transformation her clients experience through her Gut Cleanse + Reset programme

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Cathy's services start from £199 | US $235 | 235€ for 4x individual naturopathy sessions.

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