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Cherie Cowan-Smith

The Parent Coach

Cherie is an expert in supporting parents to identify the strengths within their families and help them to develop plans to address any challenges they are facing, to enable parents, in particular mums, to be The Parent You Have Always Wanted To Be.

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Meet Cherie

Cherie is the Founder of CherieTheParentCoach, a qualified Parent Coach accredited with a distinction from the Coaching Academy and has a Bachelor of Education degree with honours. She has a wealth of experience working with children, parents and teachers, in various establishments for over thirty years, initially as a nursery nurse for five years and then 28 years as a Primary school teacher.


As well as a Parent Coach Cherie is a Curriculum Manager for the Family and Community Learning Team. Cherie’s work as a Parent Coach includes working online with single parents and couples on a 1:1 basis.

She also runs a Parenting With Confidence Online membership group. In addition to her wide range of professional experience, Cherie is a parent of a 27-year-old daughter, a 25-year-old son and a 25-year-old stepson. She has been married, divorced, a single parent, a step mum and remarried.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Parent Coach accredited with a distinction from the Coaching Academy and has a Bachelor of Education degree with honours. Cherie has spent thirty years working with children and parents as a nursery nurse and Primary school teacher.

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Sylvia, Parent of a six-year-old daughter 

I cannot thank you enough.” Cherie, you have given me an entirely new perspective on my parenting role; you made me realise that I am allowed to learn as a parent and not always get things right. You have taught me that I don’t need anyone to validate me and that I can validate myself. This has made me grow faith in myself and heal from the mistakes I have been beating myself about, making me a more content and happy parent. Cherie, I cannot thank you enough; when I met you, I was in pieces and the time spent with you, your knowledge, understanding and guidance have helped me turn my home life around. 


Carmel, Mum of three Children

We are in a calmer place now. It has been wonderful working with Cherie. I have three kids and she has really helped me gain perspective and provided really helpful insight and tips, at a very challenging time (I worked with Cherie over lockdown and really felt supported over this difficult chapter). I found Cherie encouraging and a positive influence – she wasn’t judgemental and was able to suggest different approaches when something wasn’t working. Working with her for over six months meant I could implement changes and assess how these adjustments affected our family. We are in a calmer place now and are communicating better as a family, this has reduced the amount of conflict and has given me time to reflect and address each of my child’s needs. I would highly recommend working with Cherie, and it’s lovely knowing she is there – if we were going through another tricky patch I would definitely work through it with Cherie.

Cerri and Andy

I attribute an entire year of sobriety to Joanne and her coaching. I can hand on heart say she got me here, and had it not been for her support (and honestly regarding her own journey) in the early days I would have no doubt returned to the world of grey area drinking, outwardly pretending to be proud of 2/3 months without alcohol, but actually disappointed and ashamed in myself for another failed attempt. She made me accountable, knowledgeable and equipped for whatever life threw at me, which previously would have sent me straight to the wine rack! I was prepared for the planned challenges, and able to count on myself for the unplanned ones. I couldn’t have done it without her. Joanne is a safe space to let it all out, then help you find your way back. I will be forever indebted.

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