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Gift moments that matter

Reward your employees with a transformative experience that enhances happiness, performance and well-being. 

We offer thoughtful, inclusive and eco-friendly gift certificates that give your employees access to a range of expert-led coaching experiences so that they can unlock their potential and enhance various areas of their lives.

Introducing the corporate gift that returns dividends

Investing in your employee's personal growth increases your ability to attract and retain talents.

Your employees need to know they matter. Take your relationship with them beyond the transactional with a Gift for the Mind.

Employees are happier when they have more opportunities to develop themselves

In the UK, 7 out of 10 (70%) employees state that they would be happier in their current role if they had further opportunities to develop themselves. Across Europe, this figure rises to 78%.

Employees are more performant when they are recognised regularly

According to the Talent 2020 survey by Deloitte, recognition is highly correlated with improved employee engagement, productivity and performance (+14% in organisations that give regular recognition) and capturing business value (a 15% improvement in engagement can result in 2% increase in margins).

When recognised, employees are less likely to be looking for other job opportunities

When recognition hits the mark, 56% employees are less likely to be looking  or watching for other job opportunities and 44% are more likely to be thriving in their lives overall.

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Investing in Personal development has exceedingly high impact on job satisfaction.

We help you recognise and reward your employees by giving you an opportunity to support their exposure to new ideas, insights and skills from experts outside of their core circle. This can transform their mindset and increase their engagement and fulfillment. 

Our gift certificates can be used for many occasions

Employee Reward

Recognise employees for their performance & achievements (awards, promotions, etc.)

Seasonal Gifts

Gift your employees an experience that will benefit them in the long term.

Thank You Gesture

Show appreciation to  employees who have gone above and beyond.

Personal Support

Support employees through their life events (grief, health issues, addiction, etc.)


Use our gift certificates to welcome new talents who join your organisation.

Parental Leave

Treat the parents-to-be or new parents in your organisation with a Gift for the Mind.

Return to work

Support employees after a long absence to facilitate their transition back to work.


Help employees who are experiencing stress or anxiety with a Gift for the Mind.

Our Story

''We firmly believe that personal development is the key to develop mindsets and talents that will allow us to solve the challenges our world is facing.''

Meet Our Experts

They support gift recipients across 5 key domains:

Career - Life - Mindset - Well-being and Performance

The gift recipients can redeem their certificate against services provided by over 30 hand-selected experts across the globe who have various areas of expertise (parenting, relationship, health, sleep, nutrition, anxiety, digital wellbeing, career, leadership, business, productivity, conscious living, and more).


By choosing to collaborate only with a limited number of experts, Gift for the Mind helps reduce the standard ‘choice paralysis’ that individuals may experience on other platforms with hundreds or thousands of professionals.

Expert's photos (9)_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Leila Travis

Executive and Public Speaking Coach

Leila helps individuals with their presentation skills and supports executives so that they feel empowered to reach both personal and business goals.

Andy Mitchell

Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist

Andy shows his clients how to achieve rapid change in their life such as losing unnecessary habits, doubts and fears and improving performance in their business, personal and social life.

Dipti Solanki

Grief Coach

Dipti helps people heal  from all types of loss (Divorce, Parental wounds, Abandonment, Seperation, Infertility, Financial loss, Redundancy, Death, Abuse, and more).

Daniel Dzikowski

Emotional Well-being Specialist

Daniel serves to create deep transformational change in people and organisations.

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The benefits of using Gift for the Mind for your corporate gifts

- Easy bulk ordering

- Personalised Branding and Messaging 

- Flexible redemption (2 years)

- Environmentally-friendly gift choice

Give your employees the keys to invest in themselves in the field they feel will increase their life satisfaction the most.

This is an opportunity for you to show your employees or team members that you care about them beyond their professional role, accompany them through the various stages of their lives and have a positive impact on their performance, well-being and happiness. 

Interested in our services?

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Gift for the Mind has been nominated for the Women's in Business Innovation Award.

Votes will open on November 1st if you would like to support us!


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