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Dan Skeates

Life Coach for Men

Do you want a sustainable change in direction?
Would you like to feel more confident and make better decisions?
Do you want to feel happier and more fulfilled?
Would you like a new career, start a business or grow a business?
Do you need to overcome challenges or help with an idea?
Would you like to feel motivated, develop a positive identity and find a fulfilling relationship?

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Meet Dan

I am a professional coach, trained to Masters degree level; a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) ‘Special Group in Coaching Psychology’, and accredited as an Associate Coach and Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

I am a father, adventure traveller, and co-founder of Cool to be Kind, a direct-action charity helping the homeless throughout Essex (England, UK)

My personal journey involved change. I moved beyond challenges in my childhood, changed my negative mindset, dared to dream, set myself goals and achieved them. I experienced transformation. I have worked for international corporations and started businesses. In recent years I decided I wanted to increase my wellbeing by travelling the world, helping homeless people, becoming financial independent, educating myself and gaining the skills to help other people increase their wellbeing. I made changes.

I have found a vocation I really love, I want to help people and organisations move forwards in a direction they choose. Working together, I help unlock their potential, facilitating them to build on their strengths and start to flourish. In recent years I have helped people look at things differently, change their mindset, move forward in life, develop their career, find happiness and achieve a work-life balance. I have also helped organisations, start-up businesses and established businesses with values, identity and growth.

Do you have a negative mindset? Are you stuck? Are you unfulfilled?

Men come to me because they want change. Working together, you get complete clarity regarding what change you want, why you’re stuck, and a strategy tailored to you to get where you want to be. I have ‘your back’, support you and hold you to account with your change and improved wellbeing. You have a clear sense of purpose and meaning, confidence in yourself and balance in life. I’ve been on a personal journey of transformation and I now want to help you on your journey.

You don’t need to be alone; I walk alongside you…

My coaching experience and where I have helped people is centred around:

- Personal development. I can help you with confidence, self-esteem, motivation and leadership.

- Transformation with thinking and behaviour, resulting in a positive, authentic and happy life.

- Career or business decisions and growth.

Services Offered

Life Coaching

Life Coaching
for Men

Career Coaching

Mindset Coaching

Business Start-up Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Personal Development Coaching

Positive Psychology (wellbeing) Coaching

Find out more about Dan's services and how he can support you on your journey.

Discover Dan's story



Graduate’ member of the BPS (British Psychological Society)


EMCC - European Mentoring & Coaching Council Practitioner

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BSc (Hons) Psychology


MSc Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology (MAPPCP)

Adrian Hill

Dan has helped me for around six months and it has been pleasurable and successful. My specific need was that I felt stuck, overwhelmed by the changes I needed to make to the point I couldn't change. Dan helped me overcome that with confidence, with discussing pros and cons of options available to me and with what is important to me. He is a calming influence who did not preach but has helped me discover the path I must take. I can highly recommend him to anyone else looking for a life coach. Thanks Dan!


Christian Moore

Dan is a great guy, who listens, and does genuinely want to help. I can't sing his praises enough. He creates a secure, welcoming environment for you to learn about yourself and where you're headed. He's been a monumental help. Not just with my career, helping me to secure a job on my first interview. But also, with where I'm headed in life, and what I find most important. I strongly recommend him if you're looking for a coach.

Stephen Dunks

I reached out to Dan several months ago seeking change in my life as I had felt stuck for a number of years. Dan is an excellent listener, and, through our flexible and reflective sessions, I feel I have gained insights I never realised were there to be gained. Dan is somebody who genuinely cares and who creates a sense of being on a journey together. He has helped me achieve real movement in my life and I would recommend him to anybody who similarly feels stuck.

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