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Daniel Dzikowski

Emotional Well-being Specialist

I serve to create deep transformational change in people and organisations.


Meet Daniel

Daniel's passion for inner growth equals his love of teaching and serving others. He started his first business in 2002 at the age of 26. With this, he embarked on a 20-year journey of self-empowerment by engrossing himself in the realm of self-help and inner work.


He read over 300 books on personal development, spirituality and business. He started meditation and implemented much of what he learned in his business and personal life. He created a unique business model that challenged many common conceptions about how employers treat employees and how a company operates.

Whilst on his journey, he learned to face his fears. He discovered he feared selling and speaking in public and that this emotion blocked his ability to think clearly and go forward in life. Daniel saw how his mind was responsible for much of his struggle, so he decided to change this. He committed to diving deep into himself to resolve the barriers to living a beautiful and relaxed life while operating effectively and creatively. However, it wasn't until 2008 that he came across the tool of letting go that massive shifts began to happen. Again he read everything there was to know about this fascinating tool. Daniel knew that this would be a considerable part of his life and that someday he would help others to let go of that which no longer served them.


Throughout all of this, he continued to let go of his stuff. He integrated this process and many others into his personal and business life and discovered that it changed how people responded to him. People frequently commented on how they felt a sense of peace and relaxation in his presence. He saw that life could be effortless, and only the barriers within him made it seem otherwise.


Once he dissolved these obstacles, his business and life started to flow. His continued commitment to this journey and his love of helping others is what drive him. In his own words, "letting go is truly incredible, and I am amazed daily as to what kind of miracles I see".


In 2016 he started the website intending to communicate this tool and others to ready individuals. He ran workshops for two years with this in mind. Since giving up the running of his business and then eventually selling it, he set out to teach others about this powerful tool.


This journey has taken him on stage, into other people's businesses and has enabled him to meet like-minded people who are also on a mission to make a difference in this world.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Daniel is a HeartMath® Certified Coach, a Professional Certified Emotional Clearing Facilitator (CECF) (UNITED STATES). He has 20 years of business experience and 10 years coaching experience.

Monika Lipanovich

Long story short, Daniel changed my life! His methods are extremely effective if you follow them. Highly recommended if you are struggling with ANY challenge whether in business or in your personal life. 


Natalie Wall

The Art of Letting Program has helped me to connect with my loved ones and discover the real me. Each session with Daniel was like a healthy pitstop to refuel and re-charge. He has shown me ways of living like I’ve never thought were valid before. His perspective has enhanced my view of the people and universe around me and I feel more at peace with who I am and how I feel. It has been an incredible journey so far and one that has no end. I am so grateful for the messenger that Daniel is, the one who brought me those amazing gifts of comprehension and acceptance and who is the best teacher I’ve ever had the privilege to learn from.

Adrianne Carter

I have known Dan for a few years now and have recently started coaching with him. He's helped me to clear my stuff and is insightful and intuitive in his coaching practice. Every session uncovers something new for me to look at and work through with his facilitation. If you have blocks and want to get more of what you want in life, ask Dan to help you clear the path!

Listen to Daniel tell a story about facing fears and emotions

A story about facing your fearDaniel Dzikowski
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