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Dipti Solanki

Grief Coach

Dipti helps people heal their hearts from all types of loss.

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Meet Dipti

Dipti Solanki is a rare breed: she isn’t afraid to sit with her own or other people’s discomfort. As a grief coach, she walks alongside people who are no longer willing to live lives of unhealed grief resentment, tense relationships, deep sorrow, frustrated ambition and hollow friendships.


Instead, Dipti guides them through a deep healing process that clears out the stagnant grief that keeps them stuck, and shows them the amazing potential that each day holds. Dipti was devastated by grief early in her own life. Like many people, she thought she was “fine” until persistent depression and severe anxiety took over.


The process that Dipti takes her clients through is the same that she experienced, which is why she’s so committed to spreading the message that positive change and healing ARE possible. When Dipti learned that her unhealed grief was keeping her from meaningful relationships, living her truth and feeling true happiness, she dedicated her life to helping people clear out the sludge of old emotional wounds and live life beyond their wildest imaginings. Her clients have never looked back, and neither has she.


Dipti is a qualified Grief & Life Coach, lecturer & workshop facilitator. 

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Dipti is a Qualified Life Coach, Certified Grief Coach and Certified Grief Educator.

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Peter Milligan

I have been working as an organisational psychologist for the past three decades and have coached hundreds of people. Occasionally, I seek some coaching for myself and, as you might expect, am rather fussy about who I choose! Dipti came highly recommended at a time I was wanting to peel back another layer in myself so I can become more effective in my personal and professional life. I was not disappointed. In our initial discovery session which was scheduled for 20 - 30 minutes, Dipti didn't try to sell herself to me, but simply remained calm, fully present and listened in a way that I felt fully accepted, heard and understood. Some coaches (usually those with less experience, maturity and confidence) fall into the trap of focussing upon their models and processes more than the human being sitting in front of them. (I fully admit that I've made that mistake myself in the past!) Dipti has some great processes in her work but I always felt that she put me first, and simply used them to support what I needed.I came away with a deeper appreciation and acceptance of myself, and a better understanding of the origin of those beliefs that no longer serve me, my family or my clients. I am learning to be more gentle and patient with myself and others, accepting that transformation is a gradual process.I would not hesitate to recommend Dipti as a coach if you are seeking powerful, yet gentle, transformation as a human being.



Dipti is a very kind and caring grief coach. Her knowledge of the effects of grief is invaluable in the healing process. Through my work with Dipti I have finally managed to clear my anxiety and years of suppressed grief that was holding me back from being comfortable in my own skin. It's such a relief to be able to go throughout my day without worrying about every little thing.


I was apprehensive about working with Dipti, nobody wants to dig into the commotion of hurt, mess and confusion.If it hurt the first time round, why would you want to go there again?This is where Dipti is different, you don’t go anywhere you don’t want to, you are totally safe, BUT if you want to heal all the wounds, all the hurt, the grief, the loss, the mess, the commotion and stop your emotions swinging like a pendulum (often without us realising), if you want to stop reacting with anger, frustration and putting up an emotional wall so high that nobody can ‘get’ to you anymore. Dipti holds space, takes your hand and guides you as to how to look at the loss, the hurt and the commotion in a safe way.Untangling emotions that have been buried deep, is so easy task, but to have a heart that is healing is worth everything.Dipti is truly phenomenal, with her empathy and genuine compassion, her experience and skills are all delivered in a professional (but not clinical) manner, she changes lives, for the better.

Watch Dipti explain how she helps people heal from all types of loss

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