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Emily Mills

Mindset Coach for mums

''I am a very proud mum to four amazing children and so I know what a juggling act life as a mum can be. I created the Mumma Mindset Company because I wanted to utilise my training and skills as a Hypnotherapist and teacher to support mums to overcome anxiety and create calm, clarity and confidence in their lives.''

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Meet Emily

Emily is a coach for mums who recognise the power of their mindset. She supports women to feel like the best versions of themselves during the incredibly important time of motherhood.


Emily is a clinical Hypnotherapist, teacher and mindset coach. She has four children herself and so is very experienced with the challenges of mum-life.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mindset Coach PGCE

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Louise Keegan

 I honestly don’t know where to start…Emily is AMAZING!! I was lucky enough to meet Emily 7 years ago when I joined her Hypnobirthing course. I have recently been struggling with bad anxiety, low mood & just struggling with basic day to day tasks. When I knew Emily was doing a Mumma Mindset course I did not hesitate to contact her & thank goodness I did.


Over the course of 6 weeks Emily has helped me beyond words, just having someone to talk to & completely listen was a huge help in itself but Emily also offered her support at any time of day or night, she provided me with constructive ways/tasks that helped to push my boundaries but also see things in a completely different way. Some bits were challenging but knowing


Emily fully understood my feelings & thoughts & was there to support every step of the way was beyond amazing. I literally cannot recommend her & this course enough & I cannot wait to continue working with her to improve my mindset even further. Thank you so much Emily xx 


Katie Hollowbread

If you are thinking of working on your mindset with Emily then all I can say is DO IT! I can’t recommend Emily enough! I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Mumma Mindset package but it has exceeded all of my expectations.


I have learnt so much and now feel like I have tools and techniques that will help me forever!! I felt completely at ease with Emily and didn’t hold anything back. It was lovely to be able to talk about anything, not be judged and feel fully supported.


It was so amazing to be able to message Emily whenever I wanted. It helped to be able to send my thoughts and worries when I was having them rather than waiting until our next session. I have been on an amazing journey and I can’t thank you enough.

Claire Fuller

I highly recommend the Mumma Mindset Package. It was amazing to have Emily work with me for a month to help improve my mindset.


It definitely challenged me but I have seen positive changes to the way I think and I am learning to let go of some negative things from the past. Emily was so easy to talk to and I really felt like she listened to me and totally understood everything I was feeling.


I didn’t want our sessions to end! I am excited to keep using the techniques she has given me going forward. Thank you Emily xxx 

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Emily's services start from £29.99 | US $36 | 37€ per month 

+44 770 949 7437

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