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Gaelle Chapon

Well-being and Mindset Coach

''Most of my clients work with me because they don't want to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed anymore. They know there is more to them and to their life. More balance, more authenticity, more joy, more meaning.

​They feel ready for change. They just do not know where and how to start.

If you too are ready to make changes and live a more fulfilled life, a life aligned with who you truly are, you are at the right place. I am here to support you in creating a life you love by offering a safe and non-judgmental space for you to self-reflect and explore.''

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Meet Gaelle

Gaelle Chapon is a French-American holistic life coach. She is a solution-focused certified coach and owner of Gaelle Chapon Coaching, she founded in 2021. She puts her 25 years of corporate work experience and her life experiences to the service of her clients.


She has navigated through several major changes in her career path, moved from France to the USA, overcame
chronic anxiety, bounced forward after a divorce, created a healthier lifestyle.

She is on her own journey of personal development. She trained with Erickson Coaching International, learned about emotional intelligence, positive psychology, positive intelligence, growth mindset and neurosciences applied to coaching. In parallel, she completed a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training. Gaelle loves connecting with nature, practicing yoga, prioritizing her self-care and being coached herself… walking her talk!

Her core values of compassion, open-mindedness, authenticity, responsibility and freedom are the Northern Stars in her life and in her coaching.


Gaelle's approach to Life coaching:

She is passionate about human development. She is supporting individuals in connecting with their true self, unleashing their full potential and creating the personal and professional life they really want. Most of her clients work with her because they don't want to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, or stressed anymore. They know there is more to them and to their life. 

If you are ready for change, but do not know where and how to start, Gaelle will guide you in to write this new chapter of your life. Whether it is starting a new career, starting a new relationship, building a new life after a divorce or a separation, creating a healthier lifestyle or pursuing a dream project, she will help you to find clarity, develop a realistic plan and take consistent action to make your vision come true.

Gaelle will support you in creating the life you really want, joyful, purposeful, and aligned with
who you truly are, a life you love!​ She creates a safe and non-judgmental space for you to self-reflect and explore.
Her coaching style is empathetic, curious, challenging, supportive.

Gaelle's approach to Wellbeing coaching:

Gaelle will support you in developing better self-care and improving your mental, emotional
and physical well-being to create a thriving life:

- managing stress and anxiety - calm and recharge
- finding work-life balance
- developing healthy sleeping, eating and exercising habits
- building strong and meaningful relationships
- finding your purpose(s)

Gaelle's approach to Mindset coaching:

Gaelle has experienced first hand the power of a mindset shift: it took her from Miami to the
Ozarks, from being an employee for 25 years to being an entrepreneur, from fearing failure to
embracing change and uncertainty with joy and excitement, from leaving a busy urban life to
enjoying a healthier, slower life connected to nature. It all started with working on her mindset
with a coach.

Gaelle will help you take your mindset to the next level. She will work with you on how to
develop your self-awareness, and help you to connect with your authentic self. Together you
will bring to light your inner critic voice, limiting beliefs and recurring patterns of thinking that
are holding you back. You will create new internal dialogues, beliefs and behaviors that serve
you better and empower you to accomplish your goals. As your confidence grows, you will
become unstoppable!

Her motto: Be bold. Be brave. Be you!

Discover Gaelle's story



Gaelle is a Certified Solution-Focused Coach.


She was trained with Erickson Coaching International and through their Art & Science of Coaching program.


This is an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program.

After a pretty tough pandemic year in 2020 I was looking for a holistic life coach to inspire me and help me finding the right direction for the future.


After connecting with Gaelle I was so happy about the decision working with her as my life coach. Not only did our sessions motivated me about goals, responsibilities and plans for the future, they also encouraged me striking
through my self-care goals and exercises and sticking to the plan.


Besides her warm and caring personality, she is a coach you immediately connect with on a personal level. Thanks to our sessions I do feel more energized, enriched in my ideas and definitely am positive for a strong future life holds for me.


Kyle Briggs

I am grateful for the incredible coaching Gaelle has facilitated during her hyper-focused, personal sessions this past year. Gaelle creates a safe space for me to be open, honest and vulnerable, while guiding me along a path where I set the course and take the next steps with excitement. Excitement in not knowing
where each session will lead, or what the outcome will look like.

Gaelle carefully directs each question as the session builds to make you dig deeper into yourself. Her techniques are subtle, yet masterful, as we end with a call to action and an invitation to keep doing the work.

Gaelle’s coaching sessions are one of the tools I use to keep showing up for myself, enjoying the journey and being excited for what is to be revealed as I move along my path.

The ability to see my thought visually mapped was so thought provoking.
I walked away with an abundance of clarity regarding options moving forward and a deep
feeling of gratitude for events bringing me to this point.
I really appreciated the calm and collected space Gaelle facilitated.  Her simply asking me
questions built  a powerful visual I could take away to personally evaluate areas for
I would highly recommend this to anyone that is passionate about personal development and
being functionally more effective

Peggy Latniak

Robert Brunk

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