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Gift an Experience

with Gift for the Mind

Are you looking for a truly unique gifting experience that could change the lives of your loved ones?  Why not give them a Gift for the Mind, giving them access to a variety of personal and professional development professionals who can help them build confidence, improve their wellbeing, enhance their quality of life and unlock their true potential.


Gift for the mind gives your loved one a monetary gift certificate which can be redeemed from a selection of experts specialising in a variety of topics such as life, career, parenthood, relationships, stress/anxiety, grief, addiction, nutrition, money, confidence, business and more.


A Gift for the mind is a caring, thoughtful and eco-friendly gift that could ultimately provide the gift recipients with a life changing experience.

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What you need to know about our Gift Certificates

Redeeming a gift certificate:

Each gift certificate entitles the holder to choose, up to the value stated on them, one or several services from one expert promoted on the website at the time when it is redeemed.Experts offer individual personal or professional development sessions, group experiences or events (workshops, etc.). The gift cards can be redeemed against any of these. If the service wanted exceed the amount on the gift certificate, the expert will invoice the gift certificate holder separately for the remainder.

The gift certificate is valid 2 years from the date of purchase.

Services availability:

The services provided by the experts are subject to availability.


Once a gift certificate is purchased, no refund is possible. However, the gift certificates are not linked to a specific name, therefore they can be given to another recipient.


Gift Certificates can be extended for a cost of £10 by emailing:


Gift Certificates cannot be replaced if they are lost and are invalid if altered or tampered with. We can accept no liability in these circumstances.

Gift Certificate Activation:

Gift recipients can activate their Gift Certificate on the website here once they have chosen which expert they'd like to redeem their experience with.

Booking an experience:

All Gift Card Purchases automatically generate a ''Gift Certificate Code'' (sent to the recipient via email) which will be required to activate the Gift Certificate and book the experience

Experience cancellation:

Once a booking is made with an Expert (Service provider), the gift certificate holder is bound by the Expert / Service Provider terms and conditions. Each gift recipient needs to make sure that they understand the expert's rules regarding changing or cancelling a booking (particularly at short notice) as a refund will not be offered by Gift for the Mind in the case of infringement of these rules. The expert may provide a replacement for the service in the event of cancellation by the participant owing to circumstances beyond their control.

Quality of service provided by the experts:

We have contracts in place with our Service Providers (The experts) regarding their standard of performance. Once a booking has been made with a Service Provider (expert), the gift certificate holder is also bound by the terms and conditions of that Service Provider. By purchasing or redeeming a Gift Certificate for an Experience or Service you acknowledge that Experiences are dependent on certain factors beyond the control of Gift for the Mind and agree that we are not liable for the cancellation, postponement or alteration of any Experience / Services for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

Please note that Experts and services are subject to change without notice.

Meet some of the Gift for the Mind Experts


Success Coach & Best Selling Author

Dr. Evi Prokopi

Evi empowers people to become their best version, and achieve success and happiness through coaching.


Life Coach for Men

Dan Skeates

Dan helps unlock men's potential, facilitating them to build on their strengths and start to flourish.

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Sleep Coach and Nutritionist

Carolina Ramuski

Carolina is on a mission to educate and help as many people as she can to improve their sleep so that they can start having the lives they deserve.


Empowerment Coach

Dean Griffiths

I work with people who are looking to improve their wealth, success or relationships.


The Eco-Anxiety Coach

Katharina Hellmann

Katharina helps eco-conscious people overcome climate anxiety and turn it into effective climate action.

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Professional Organiser & Productivity Coach

Kate Ibbotson

Kate supports individuals and families with home organising and productivity coaching.


The Sober Coach

Joanne Nash

Joanne helps you find your way to changing your relationship with alcohol.

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Personal & Executive Coach

Gaelle Chapon

Gaelle supports individuals who feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted or stressed and want to live a more fulfilling life aligned with who they truly are.


Addiction Recovery & Sober Coach

Sophie Aghdami

Sophie supports individuals wanting to develop, maintain and strengthen their recovery from addiction or substance abuse.

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Parent Coach

Cherie Cowan-smith

Cherie supports parents to identify the strengths within their families and help them to develop plans to address any challenges they are facing.


Grief Coach

Rachel Fowler

Rachel guides individuals through grief by deepening their insights and letting them feel all the feels in safety, without judgement. 

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Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist

Andy Mitchell

Andy shows his clients how to achieve rapid and elegant change in their life using hypnosis and other techniques to make change happen easily.


Mindset Coach for Mums

Emily Mills

Emily supports mums to overcome anxiety and create calm, clarity and confidence in their lives.

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Life Coach and Yoga Teacher

Ingrid van Oostrom

Ingrid is passionate about self-care and assists others to thrive in life and reconnect with nature.

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Gift a unique experience

One that can benefit everyone.

One that doesn't harm the planet.

One that has a long term positive impact.

One that empowers the gift recipient: they decide what growth area they'd like some support with, which professional they'd like to provide this support and when it is the right time for them to engage in this experience.
One that supports a small business.

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