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Helen Peckman


Sleep and Wellness Coach

2 in 3 adults fail to obtain the recommended 8 hours of nightly sleep. 3 in 10 adults only sleep 6 hours or less.This lack of sleep increases health risks (obesity, stroke, diabetes), is linked to the onset of mood disorders, and creates a persistent feeling of tiredness that affects your sense of happiness and productivity.


Meet Helen

Helen is a certified Health Coach specializing in women wellness and sleep. Having struggled with her own persistent sleep issues that started from a young age, she, like many people, always thought of herself as a bad sleeper and did not consider how her lifestyle, mindset, and daily routine were impacting her sleep and wellbeing. However, when Helen had her first child, she realized that in order to have the energy and positive attitude necessary to manage her career, children, and social goals, she would need to better manage her sleep and wellness issues.


To create a positive change, Helen started a process of investigating broader health and wellness options to improve her sleep and energy. From years of studying and working with experts in nutrition, healers, and clinical psychology, she learnt first-hand the impact of wellness techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation, and Neuroscience, alongside more mindful, and spiritual practices. Helen is passionate about the relationship between psychology, self development, bio-individuality and how to improve yourself with better sleep.


The ultimate goal being to improve your wellbeing and life. Helen created Sleep Body Mind to help other driven women adopt the right sleep hygiene, mindset, and habits to achieve better quality sleep, improve their overall wellness, reduce their stress and get more out of their busy lives.

Services Offered

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Expertise and certifications

Helen is a Certified Health Coach from IIN NYC (2019)
She studied Sleep disorders at Open college UK Limited (2018)

Helen also own a yoga training certification for sleep recovery from the yoga studio The Life Center in London (2017) and took an online course on CBT for insomnia with The Insomnia Clinic London.


She also took an online course about Neuroscience with Joe Dispenza and is currently studying Level 1/2 Human Design with Jenna Zoe to become a certified Human design reader and add this to her coaching. 

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''Sleep matters. Sleep better. Live better.''

Helen Peckman

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Beth Wachtel

I bought a wellness package from a practitioner and one of the services included was sleep coaching with Helen. Prior to our appointment Helen sent me a very detailed questionnaire about my sleep, my lifestyle, and how I approached wellness more generally. Helen really took the time to fully understand my lifestyle without judgement and offered advice that was relevant to me. She reassured me a lot about my sleep habits, and showed me how to optimize them. I recommend Helen to anyone that wants to feel more rested and optimize their wellness.

Kate Sullivan

This year I reached out to Helen to help me with my sleep issues that were triggered due to stress. Helen helped me find a better way to manage it and introduced me to a lot of new techniques to help improve my sleep. I really appreciated Helen's empathy and the way she motivated me to apply all the changes in my life. I feel more rested and now have tools to come back to when I'm experiencing bad sleep!!! 

Hannah Faich Dini

Helen / SleepBodyMind helped me transform how I think about my sleep and wellness. Between work and the kids I let my sleep (and wellness) fall by the wayside. I felt fatigued and didn’t have the energy to change the bad habits that crept into my everyday life. Having Helen guide me back to a more pragmatic and healthy approach to managing stress, sleep, and physical wellness has transformed me! My energy is better and so is my mood.

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Helen's services start from $120 /120 euros/ £105 for a 1:1 coaching session.

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