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Ingrid van Oostrom

Ingrid enjoys assisting others to thrive in life. She is  passionate about self-care and is convinced that taking care of yourself and reconnecting  with nature is key to a fulfilling life. We often forget ourselves in this modern world where  responsibilities are many.  


Life Coach, Yoga teacher and Horticulturist

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Meet Ingrid

Life is a journey and everyone experiences ups and downs. After a successful career in  Customer Service and IT, Ingrid was made redundant. She decided to look at it as an  opportunity and changed her life around. During her studies to become a yoga teacher she  fell in love with plants. She studied Herbology at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh  where she gained her Diploma in Herbology with distinction in 2016. She studied and  finished her Personal Training Qualification also in 2016 to support her yoga knowledge and  went on to study Horticulture in 2017 at Threave - Heritage School of Gardening in Castle  Douglas - Scotland. She became Culzean Castle and Country Park's Propagator and  Glasshouse gardener from 2018 until 2022 – Scotland. 

Petals and Aum was born in 2022 where Ingrid helps others reconnect with nature and  create self-care routines that lead to healthy self-respect and self-love. Dreams are  transformed into goals and goals into reality incorporating yoga, coaching, and nature. 

'Yoga, nature, and plants have given me the tools to find myself, accept myself fully, and to  stay true to my own being. With my skillset and holistic approach I show others how yoga,  nature, and coaching can support them. Life is an adventure for yourself to yourself and it  does not have to be difficult or hard all the time. In fact, it can be very fun and playful  amongst the seriousness. Everyone deserves to thrive in life.’

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Ingrid devised a personalised yoga nidras for me. It led to deep reflections which helped  me solve and resolve personal and interpersonal challenges and increase my sense of  purpose in the world. Simply wonderful. 
She also devised life coaching with me when I felt stuck particularly with finances. I can't  recommend her insight and guidance enough. She got me thinking from a different  perspective. Practises that I still use to this day. Thank you Ingrid. You have shown me that  change does indeed comes from within. 



I was fortunate enough to meet Ingrid when she was just at the beginning of her  adventures into plant husbandry and herbal medicine. Seeing her fuse together all her  passions, which are also her skills, has been amazing - but to be able to benefit from these  as her yoga student has been a sublime and grounding experience. 

Ingrid is thorough in her approach and sees the individual first and really works with you to  help you find a connection into your body. If you work with Ingrid you are choosing not a life  coach, a herbologist, yoga instructor or gardener - you're choosing someone to partner you  through whatever transformation it is you need to make. Her kindness, dedication, and  sense of fun are evident in every aspect of her work, and life. I couldn't recommend her more highly.


Ingrid's life coaching was wonderful! She helped me gain clarity on where I was at and  where I wanted to go, including digging out some things that I hadn't realised were  important to me. Throughout several sessions, she was patient, understanding and went the  extra mile to help keep me accountable for the plan she was helping me set.


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Ingrid's services start from £40 | US $47 | 47€ for a tailored and private  yoga session

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