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Julie Fisher

Family Technology Expert & Parenting Coach

Julie helps parents cope with the chaos that comes from parenting digital kids by offering realistic solutions to help manage family tech use, keep kids safe online, and ensure that kids’ past posts help don’t hurt their future.


Meet Julie

Julie Fisher is an educational consultant and coach specializing in creating SOLUTIONS to parenting, technology use, and social media issues facing families in the digital age.


She is a seasoned educator and sought-after keynote speaker, having done hundreds of presentations, reaching tens of thousands of people on a variety of topics related to 21st century parenting issues with an emphasis on technology, social media, digital footprints, and resilience.


She is the author of "The Resiliency Puzzle", a book and curriculum that addresses the reduction of resiliency in kids. She founded The Social U, a tech company, that developed proprietary technology to deliver social media "report cards" that identified for user, posts in their history that had the potential to cause them problem in their future pursuits based on college admissions officers and hiring mangers input.


Julie served as Executive Director of Building Better Families through Action, a nonprofit parent education organization, focused on educating parents and the community about risky teen and child behavior.


She is a former high school teacher with experience teaching in urban and suburban public and private schools.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Julie is a former tech company founder and CEO and nonprofit executive director.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction, and is a certified secondary school teacher with 25 years of experience in both teaching and training.  

She is an accomplished keynote speaker and is professionally certified in public speaking by The Buckley School.  


She is a published author, a Forbes contributor, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.  Julie has reached tens of thousands of people through her speaking engagements and has personally worked with hundreds of private clients as a coach and consultant.

Julie has been featured in:
Rob, parent

This is exactly what my family needed. We had been struggling to figure out what the rules ought to be and your templates led us down the right path. Thank you Julie for helping us keep your kids safe online!


Sarah, parent

I am so glad I hired Julie to help my son get his social profiles in order before college. We didn’t know that what he posted (especially when he was younger) could affect his admission to college. He now has a great digital footprint and is not only ready for college but for internships as well.

Stacey, Dean of Instruction

Both our students AND our teachers learned so much from Ms. Fisher's presentation. She provided realistic information and examples which were tailored specifically to the age of the students in each assembly. Even in an all-virtual environment, students were engaged and focused on her words, and they especially enjoyed being able to ask questions at the end. Thanks, Ms. Fisher, for the fantastic experience!

Watch Julie explain why you need a Digital Parenting Coach

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