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Kaisa Siipilehto

Life Mastery and Leadership Coach

''I help people hack into their happiness, discover their greatest priorities and create the experiences they want to have in their lives, careers and relationships.''

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Meet Kaisa

Time is precious. Life is precious. Kaisa knows what it is like to play it safe and small, live an okay life but actually only half lived. Can you relate? Now that she knows what life can be like when playing it full out and using the time and energy where they matter, she is not settling for okay anymore. We got one shot at this life. Let's enjoy it!


Kaisa is passionate (and relentless) about helping other career-driven experts like you who want more flexibility, fun and fulfilment to master their lives, discover their greatest personal and professional goals and get results faster than acted alone. The reason is simple. Kaisa was about to lose what was important to her - love. She decided to take control of her life and happiness. She followed her vision: left her hometown Helsinki and a 10-year corporate career, moved to London and qualified as a coach, started a nomad lifestyle and a business on her purpose. These changes have enabled her to deepen not only her relationship with herself but with her husband.


Today Kaisa is living the life she finds meaningful and fulfilling. She has a significant way to help others succeed as well as explore the world with the man she loves. The self-discovery, mindset and inner work that have set the foundation for her transformations continue as Kaisa keeps taking on new exciting challenges and adventures. The past years, Kaisa has helped experts and entrepreneurs from over 20 nationalities transform their lives and careers. And she wants to help more experts to be their own heroes.


Having worked hundreds of hours with her clients, Kaisa can say with confidence that her process and methods bring remarkable results in just 3-6 months depending on the client's targets. Even a one-off session can be a game changer. It's time to use your time on your top priorities and create the experiences you want to have. Don't let any fear, uncertainty or indecisiveness stop you from living the life you want and deserve. Kaisa will help you hack into your happiness and improve your life quality by mastering your priorities!

Services Offered

Please contact Kaisa to hear more about her monthly membership option and the pay-in-full options for a 3, 6 and 9 month 1:1 coaching relationship.

Expertise and certifications

Kaisa has obtained a Certified Personal Performance and Life Coach Diploma, an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program provided by The Coaching Academy. She also has a DISC Certification & Accreditation and is now in the process of becoming a certified Corporate & Executive Coach.

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Lena, Managing Director & Co-Founder

Kaisa has really helped me with my personal growth. She has made me question myself, my way of thinking and my routines, and she has inspired me towards becoming more action-focused and overthinking less. What I appreciated most was her calm and accepting style, being a great listener and her ability to ask me challenging questions when it was needed.


Nina, Media Sales Consultant

Kaisa's coaching has helped me to understand my desires on a deeper level as well as my values and hopes for my career and personal life. We have gone to the bottom of my strengths and how they could be utilized in my professional life. I also reminded myself about my passions and dreams which can be lost in a fast-paced lifestyle. All in all, coaching is one of the best experiences I've allowed myself in the past years.

Ira, Global Business Analyst

Kaisa was able to create rapport and grasp the nature of my problem. I was astonished at how much she was able to help me progress with my thinking! In just one session, I was able to sketch a rough 5-year plan with unexpected content. I fully stand behind the outcome we achieved. This coaching experience set me off on a new career course that I did not foresee.

Listen to Saana explain how Kaisa's coaching positively impacted her life

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Kaisa's services start from £155 | US $159 | 179€* for a 90-minute coaching experience.

*Please note that the prices are subject to change based on exchange rate and other factors. They need to be confirmed with the expert prior to redeeming your experience.

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