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Karen Deulofeu

Fertility, Pregnancy, Postpartum Coach

Many stages of the early parenting journey, from TTC to postnatal, are fraught with anxiety, stress, loss of control, longing and dread. Karen offers personalised support so that you can feel renewed, calmer, confident and more in control, whatever stage you are at.


Meet Karen

I'm Karen, mother of one and a Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpostpartum Coach. I spent 15 years trying for my own longed for baby and wish I’d had the support I needed at the time. Once I had that support the impact was huge. I finally fell pregnant and gained the strength to look at my future differently, with excitement instead of trepidation.


My experience and training has lead me to support others on their journey. My specialism is with those affected by medical conditions, loss and grief; in acknowledging natural conception is unlikely, through miscarriage and when looking at alternative routes to parenthood.


I also specialise in pregnancy after a fertility struggle, empowering mothers to release the anxiety and enjoy the pregnancy they've wanted for so long.


I also support people in early parenting to find themselves again through the overwhelm and exhaustion to enjoy this phase and be the parent they want to be. I teach people how to truly manage their emotions, not be managed by them. Empower them to live in the wait, not wait to live. Through a unique blend of coaching, hypnosis, EFT and more the results are quick and long lasting.

Services Offered

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Expertise and certifications

Karen is a specialist Fertility, Pregnancy and Postpartum Coach. She also has a Life & Success Coach certification from Inner Mastery Academy.

Karen combines her coaching skills with Hypnosis, EFT and NLP techniques to support her clients. 

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The emotional rollercoaster of the last few years has been replaced by a life that is calmer and more manageable. I find that I can acknowledge my triggers and deal with them in a stronger way using the tools that you taught me or through having more of an open dialogue with my wife. The crushing, almost physical pain of ending my fertility journey has been replaced by a smaller weight that I can carry with me. It’s still really hard and it probably always will be, but I feel stronger and better equipped to deal with the future.


I was honored to have an EFT and meditation session with Karen. I love her gentleness, genuineness, kindness and openness. The meditation we did together was so calming and yet so powerful. I love Karen’s voice. I felt so much lighter, calmer and at ease after my session with Karen. She also provides good advice and resources. I enjoyed Karen’s talents and I 100% recommend her.


Thank you so so much for these sessions. Just being able to talk to you in this way is having a huge impact. I’m making little changes that feel comfortable and natural and it’s having huge results. I feel so much lighter and see the old me finally coming back” Jemma - "Karen created such a safe space that made me comfortable to be vulnerable. The techniques she uses are incredible and I really feel the shift mentally and energetically at a nervous system level. Karen is empathetic and warm and knowing she is holding such strong intentions for me and my journey is such a source of comfort. Its so important to have someone like her cheerleading me and guiding me outside of my inner circle.

Watch Karen explain how she can support you

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Karen's services start from £97 | US $130 | 120€ for a 1.5 to 2 hour 1:1 taster coaching session.

+44 78 03 62 35 65

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