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Kate Ibbotson

Professional Organiser, Decluttering Expert & Productivity Coach - Trainee Psychotherapist

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Meet Kate

Kate started her business, A Tidy Mind, in 2013 after her own rewarding journey with decluttering and organising her home. She now trains and mentors her close-knit team of organisers across the UK and continues to work with clients virtually.

Professional Organising services are tailored towards the individual client. Some are struggling with their physical environment and need help with decluttering, storage, space optimisation and daily tidying habits. Kate helps clients set goals and decide on a new vision for their space, then work out a room-by-room plan for creating a clutter-free, tidy home or workspace. Most importantly, she coaches them on the habits required to maintain the newly organised space, long term.

Other clients are feeling overwhelmed by their to-do list and diary and need systems to improve their time management. Productivity coaching may involve changing or building on current digital or paperwork systems. It may also involve creating more automation and introducing creative ways to manage information and plan time.

Kate has completed further training in working with clients with ADHD traits (either diagnosed or not). Her work with clients is supportive, empathetic and therapeutic as well as solution focused and practical.

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Kate has expertise in time management, decluttering, storage, habits, routines and styling alongside a range of coaching and counselling techniques. This really is a holistic approach aimed at transforming your life.

Jess and Lex

I found Kate searching desperately for someone to help with my house. My mental health had deteriorated massively, and unfortunately my house took the brunt of it, it was cluttered and unorganised.

Kate came in with such a helpful and caring attitude and helped me physically and mentally with a place that was supposed to be our safe place but didn’t feel good to be in.
I now feel like I can enjoy my home and actually want to be here. Kate has helped teach us tools to use so it doesn’t return back to what it once was.

I can’t thank you enough Kate. You’re an amazing person and you offer a service that literally changes peoples lives.
Thank you again
Jess and Lex xx



Laura Dixon

I cannot speak highly enough of Kate. I decided I to engage her services during an incredibly difficult time in my life - as a long time collector of ‘stuff’, major events gave me the push to make some changes. Kate was sensitive and professional, providing me with the confidence, support and skills I needed to let go.
Fast forward to a year and half later and my life has changed infinitely for the better and I certainly consider Kate and her approach as being a huge part of the process of getting my life together! A recent house move where I had less stuff to clear out and had systems to pack and organise reminded me of just how excellent she was so just had to share! Thanks so much Kate!

Rebecca Green

Kate is informative, effective and provides useable and easy tips that can become ‘habit’. Kate has lead workshops for me and also given me1:1 sessions. Our dining room transformed, just from Kate’s eye for detail and suggestions on creating more space and light. Highly recommend :-)

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