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Katharina Hellmann

Certified Life Coach, Climate Change & Sustainable Living Coach

Katharina helps eco-conscious people turn climate anxiety into empowered action, reduce their carbon footprint and live more sustainably without sacrificing quality of life.

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Work with Katharina

Here is what you need to know if you are interested in working with me:


Where you are now:

Feeling worry and anxiety about humanity's future on a warming planet as well as guilt and shame for your own unsustainable lifestyle?

  • Stuck in overwhelm and paralysis with no idea what you could do to help that will actually make a difference?

  • Fearing that reducing your carbon footprint means that you have to give up everything you love in life, immediately and forever?

  • Already trying to live more sustainably, but somehow always losing steam, getting sidetracked and discouraged?

  • Feeling frustrated and angry at other people for their ignorance or refusal to help, with your closest relationships suffering from conflict?

What I can help you with:

  • Build and sustain mental and emotional health and resilience in the face of an uncertain future on a warming planet,

  • Deal with climate change related emotions in a way that no longer makes you suffer, but turns them into your source of powerful action instead,

  • Transform your mindset and beliefs around climate change and your ability to actually make a difference,

  • Overcome paralysis, procrastination or perfectionism and any other obstacle that is standing in the way of you living a low-carbon, sustainable lifestyle,

  • Identify and actually implement the most effective measures to reduce your carbon footprint and live more sustainably based on your individual situation, without sacrificing quality of life, getting overwhelmed and with minimal use of time and resources,

  • Navigate and repair relationships with others who are not taking climate change as seriously as you without frustration, conflict and people-pleasing.

The planet needs you. Now more than ever. I can't wait to talk to you!

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Katharina is a Certified Life Coach from The Life Coach School and a Certified Climate Change Coach from Climate Change Coaches

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Barbara Malliner,
Stay-at-home Mom

Discovering you and your work has really helped "unstick" me from being frozen in fear. Your honesty about your feelings around climate change helped validate how I’d been feeling … and knowing I was less alone in that was such a boost in and of itself. I had entered a very deep and dark rabbit hole about where the world "could " be headed just before I found you. And now I am feeling in a much better place. Your work has helped me find my voice and I am dropping climate change and environmental issues into online comments left, right & centre. Calmly, repeatedly, assertively! I figure that’s a way I can also help and keep it in people’s consciousness, and it’s a "quiet activism" I can do manageably as a homeschooling Mom. I will happily recommend you and mention you in future if I come across anyone I feel is in need of your program. Thank you for the work you’re doing … it IS much needed and I’m sure will help many.


Laura Kehoe,
PhD, Environmental Scientist

Katharina has shone a light on my own blindspots and helped me understand how I can create my own well-being. She has a gift for gently showing me the processes happening within my own mind that are thwarting my well-being. I have done a lot of meditation over the years, so I thought I was fairly familiar with the contents and functioning of my mind, but I still managed to miss crucial insights that Katharina skillfully alerted me to. I highly recommend Katharina´s coaching and am immensely grateful to get to work with her.

Vania Duarte,

Before I met Katharina, I was suffering from anxiety, stress and overwhelming worries. I had tried psychological therapy before but I wasn’t satisfied with the results. The sessions with Katharina opened my eyes and allowed me to see things from a different perspective. I enjoyed how objective and calm she was, and the different approaches she took. Because of my work with her, I am now more able to express my opinions and change the way I react to events. I can take a step back and analyze the situations that happen around me. I am not afraid anymore of feeling something, I embrace it, and that for me has been one of the best lessons I learned from Katharina. I would absolutely recommend her, especially during these difficult times.

Discover Katharina's FREE resources

1. The Ultimate Guide to reducing your carbon footprint
2. Video: The first step to effective climate action
3. Free Strategy Session
(30 mins)

Discover the 15 most effective things you can start doing TODAY as an individual to reduce your carbon footprint and take effective climate action without even having to significantly change your lifestyle!

Watch my FREE video in which I explain the REAL reason why you are feeling climate change anxiety (hint: it is NOT climate change!) and learn about the very first step that you need to take in order to take effective climate action regardless.

Schedule a FREE strategy session and let me know what exactly you are struggling with with regards to climate change, carbon footprint reduction and sustainable living. During this session, we will determine possible next steps for you and how I can help you achieve the results you want.

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Katharina's services start from £89 | US $110 | 99€ for one private 1:1 coaching session of 50 mins via video call including a short written summary with key points and tips via e-mail. 

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