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Laura Gorriz Lopez

Meditation and Conscious Living Mentor

Laura is the founder of Laura Being. She helps high achievers redefine success and feel at ease no matter what.

Meet Laura

After over eight years of working in the financial consulting industry, Laura was feeling frustrated. She had achieved everything she had always worked for, yet something was missing. More responsibility, more success, more stuff, more work, more stress, less time, less joy, and less sleep. She was racing against time and yet not managing to do everything she wanted. She felt she was disappointing everybody she cared about but had no more time or energy. Slowing down, quieting the noise of daily routine, and practicing meditation allowed her to break free from the wheel she was in and start living her life to the fullest.


She now knows, however, that quitting your job is not the only way. So she helps her clients have a successful career without sacrificing fulfilment, well-being, and personal lives. She guides them to become more aware of what they think, feel and do so that everything that now feels like a huge burden loses the power it has over them, and they feel calmer. Conscious living allows you to see your current situation for what it is without negativity and resistance. Only then will you be able to make intentional changes for the better, from within, without the need to change everything and everyone around you. Meditation is at the core of her teachings as it works as an anchor to truly experience and integrate the learnings; instead of only understanding them at the cognitive level.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Meditation is at the core of my teachings as it is the one thing that changed and continues to change my life for the better. I am a committed Vipassana meditator, attending courses yearly to deepen my practice and insight. I have trained in Meditation Teaching, person-centered care, challenging and changing destructive thought and behavioural patterns, mindfulness skills, stress management, and Life Purpose Coaching.


I felt stress and anxiety from my job due to the pressure and demanding environment, which leads to negativity and unhappiness. I felt the benefit of working with Laura from the very first session, taking a step back and gaining some perspective on how I was behaving. I now feel a lot more secure, clear-minded, and relaxed.



Before working with Laura, work was in my head all the time. And that was impacting my wellbeing and relationships. I thought it was normal; it’s pretty common in the industry to be busy, running around, and to be available for anything that might happen at work all the time. But I had stopped doing things that were important to me, like going to the gym; spending time with my partner, friends, family. So it was frustrating and disheartening because I didn’t know how to deal with the anxiety or preoccupation I was feeling. Even after the first session with Laura, I felt much calmer than usual. It became easier for me to identify unhelpful thoughts, which allowed me to be more present. That started to have that ripple effect on performing better at work because I was well-rested and more motivated, having more time for myself, and having more quality time with loved ones. Now I can really switch off in the evening and on weekends. I’ve just stopped sweating the small stuff. The meditation practice helps me feel grounded every day too, and helps me embody the phrase “life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it”. If you want to feel calmer, more focused, more resilient, and improve your relationship both with yourself and those around you, go for it.


Laura is the perfect example of a great coach – her knowledge and passion for helping people is contagious. I’d highly recommend working with Laura if you are seeking a long lasting transformation in your life as she will be the perfect person to provide you with all the support, guidance and accountability you need.

Laura has a message for you

'' There will always be stressors in your life, the key is how you relate to those, how you choose to see them and the impact you let them have on your wellbeing and happiness''

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