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Leila Travis

Executive and Public Speaking Coach

''I am an unshakable advocate of empathetic leadership. Therefore, a core part of my offering is to provide guidance for people in managerial positions striving to be more effective leaders.''

Meet Leila

Leila is an Executive Coach and Public Speaking Coach who worked in the Media and Advertising industry for two decades, before retraining and receiving her accreditation from the Association for Coaching. She regularly runs workshops to help people gain confidence in their presentation skills - using her unique combined experiences as a trained actor, Media professional, facilitator and Coach.


Leila has hosted webinars, led pitches, moderated panels and speaks regularly at events. In addition, a major part of her role(s) in Media were to nurture talent, and help them develop their own presentation skills. Her decision to change career was based on being able to focus solely on people, to help them gain confidence and become the best version of themselves.

Services Offered



Public Speaking Coaching

Presentation skills Coaching & Workshop

Expertise and certifications

Leila has a combination of skills, experience and empathy that she is able to apply to her work - a Media professional with 20 years experience, a trained actor, facilitator and coach. She is accredited by the Association for Coaching.

Client Director, Hearst UK

I met Leila when I was at a really pivotal and transitional point in my career, for the first time feeling that I could benefit from the guidance, advice and support coaching could offer. Upon completing our first session I was absolutely convinced I was making the right decision, and we set off on an 8 month partnership of regular sessions. Leila has a style that always keeps one eye on the objectives you’ve set yourself, but mixes it with her hugely natural and very personable manner. She really invests in the people she works with – I wasn’t fortunate enough to know her in the media part of her career, but it really feels like she was made to be executive coach. I got a massive amount from our sessions, and having recently achieved the specific objective we were working towards, I can say a huge amount of that positive end result is down to our work together. She comes very highly recommended - thank you, Leila.


Craig Wills, Founder of Big Blue and BLiX

In the eye of the Covid-lockdown storm I was fortunate to be introduced to and embark upon a journey with Leila; and a true journey it has been. Unlike any previously billed ‘coaching’ hers is a style that challenges all my previous experiences and has joyfully exceeded any expectations. While evidently knowledgeable in the theoretical discipline it is Leila’s refreshing ability to humanise that knowledge and positively provoke through a mix of tasks, discussion, reflection and focus; creating an at times uncomfortable but powerful energy that you have to act upon. This is not indulgent ‘where do you want to be in 5 years?’ coaching, This is grown up, ultimately human, dangerously potent, outcomes based coaching. In summary, a wholly positive experience, quite profound and something I wish I was able to experience some years ago, ces’t la vie.

Controller, UK Broadcaster

Leila is a genuinely engaged, warm and empathetic listener. This gave her the tools to draw out insights from me, some small and some life-changing. I cannot recommend her highly enough, our sessions offered me a chink of light in challenging times and I always came away feeling optimistic and inspired.

Leila explains her approach to coaching

My role is to help you (or you and your employees) build confidence to deal with whatever challenges you’re/they’re facing, whilst providing structured thinking around what steps to take next.

Through a combination of good old fashioned listening, thoughtful questioning, and coaching tools, I empower my clients to believe in themselves, grab the bull by the horns, leap into the breach, take the plunge...and become the best version of themselves.

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Leila's services start from £100 | US $110 | 115€ per hour.

A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended and costs vary depending on the type of coaching, sector and level.

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