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Mathilde Boyer

Career Development Coach

I want to help you to infuse your career with happiness. It's time for you to thrive by bringing confidence, energy and harmony to your professional life.''

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About Mathilde

Hello there, I'm Mattie, the founder of Zest Ambition.


I am an empath at heart, creative and driven to succeed. I used to work too hard, too fast and operated in burnout cycles but I have created new healthy habits and boundaries in my career thanks to the countless hours I have spent studying personal development topics and the investments I have made in training and certifications.

After a decade working in the corporate world developing Digital Strategies for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, I went through a 3-year career transition and numerous phases of questioning which led to the creation of Zest Ambition.

My mission is now to create a society full of happy, conscious and inspired professionals.

Services Offered

Official Diplomas and Certifications

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Nicolas Decoene

Mattie was such a great coach.
She listened thoroughly to my story, asked relevant questions at the right time, offered tons of solutions and new perspectives to the issues I faced and supported my choices in every aspects
When I first talked to her, everything I was able to see was darkness, my self-confidence was gone and I was lost, unable to see a way out.
Eight sessions later, the path we took together led me to start 2 new projects on my own and to take another job.
I cannot emphasise enough how effective her help was during those past months.
Thanks again for everything Mathilde, I am forever grateful.


Kirstie Cope

I had coaching with Mathilde during a transitional period in my career.
Mattie is an excellent coach. Insightful and empathic, she helped me access my inner sense of knowing at a time when I was fraught and overwhelmed with ideas and concerns.
I felt listened to, supported and understood. Mattie genuinely cared about my situation.
To have someone walk alongside you into new chapters in life, is a blessing and someone like Mattie is the perfect coach for that transition.
If you're thinking of working with Mathilde, don't hesitate - recommended 100%

Raluca Simionoiu

I reached out to Mattie at a difficult point in my life. She has helped me not only rebuild my confidence, but also do so with my objectives in mind. Mattie listens, challenges and holds the "mirror" in front of you. We created a powerful, objective and safe space, focussing on root-causes and actions that would work for me. I would certainly recommend her, I've loved the experience and I do think she has the power to enact positive change in our lives.

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Mathilde's services start from £130 | US $150 | 150€ for a 90-min career coaching session.

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