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The Mindful Growth Membership

For those who want to enhance their impact, relationships, well-being and fulfilment by strengthening their mind. 

White Grass

Identify and rewire subconscious thought patterns and emotional blocks that are holding you back.

What is included?

Working Together

Who is it for?

The Mindful Growth Membership is for you if:

- you lack confidence or often doubt yourself

- you tend to see or focus on the negative

- you feel uninspired 

- you struggle to set boundaries

- stress or anxiety regularly impact your well-being

- you want to uplevel your relationships (with yourself and others)

- you have untapped potential you feel ready to unlock

- you want to break your sabotage cycles

- you want to develop habits to protect your energy and well-being

- you want to move past cycles of burnout

- you often compare yourself to others and it drags you down

- you're looking for a safe space to calibrate your ideas, process your emotions and make new connections

Illuminated Stairs

Go beyond quick-fix self-development (like just one meditation practice, another self-development book, or a few yoga classes) and make a longer term commitment to yourself, your happiness and well-being with the Mindful Growth Membership.

Our signature framework™

to initiate powerful and lasting transformation

Signature Framework.png

Make simple yet profound changes to your life

Unlock your potential.
Protect your well-being.
Take steps to create a life you love.

  • Progressive Mindset transformation with the support of over 40 qualified and experienced experts.


  • Long term individual and group support to minimise the risk of making one step forward and two steps back.


  • Join a community where you can be 100% yourself, share your doubts, be vulnerable, raise your awareness and celebrate your wins

Image by Christopher Sardegna

Accelerate your growth by tapping into the incredible expertise from hand-picked guest experts.

Our selection of experts are experienced coaches, hypnotherapists, EFT practitioners and mentors with diverse areas of expertise who can support you across a number of topics based on your interests - which can, of course, evolve over time.  

White Grass

Discover powerful reframing techniques to help you master your subconscious thoughts and break your sabotaging habits. 

Job Candidate

Bonus 1

FREE 60-min Private Coaching Consultation

(worth £150)

Book this consultation at your convenience (whilst your membership is active) when you feel like you need extra personalised support with a specific goal or challenge. 

This is an opportunity for you to initiate transformation and define an action plan to enhance a specific area of your life.

Job interview

Bonus 2

Get 10% off any of the 120+ coaching experiences delivered by the Gift for the Mind experts. 

Accelerate your growth by working with one of the Gift for the Mind experts. Our experts include coaches, hypnotherapists, EFT practitioners with various areas of expertise (career, confidence, relationships, mindset, parenting, nutrition, sleep, stress management, anxiety, sobriety, conscious living, entrepreneurship, etc.). 


This is an opportunity for you to benefit from a transformative coaching experience focused on the area of your choice. 


Cancel at any time

We hope that you will love being a Mindful Growth Member, however, if you would like to cancel your membership, please simply email us at and we will get it sorted for you, no questions asked.

Support Group

Join a safe, expansive, and co-creative online coaching space

Try our membership completely FREE for 30 days

 £75 | $95 per month afterwards

Cancel at any time.


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