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Nicole Pond

High functioning anxiety coach

Nicole supports ambitious female leader who wants to say NO to the same old negative beliefs and YES to living their most joyful and fullest life. She teaches how to use evidence-based tools and knowledge that will help you break free from negative states of mind, and allow you to uncover the highest possible version of yourself.

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Meet Nicole

For a long time, I struggled with being a high functioning female, plagued by my lack of confidence in myself and constant overwhelm. 
All I wanted was to stop letting my anxiety hold me back, take control over my emotions and be able to discover my  best and happiest self. I tried antidepressants, meditating, and lots more, but kept going round in circles.

It took me 27 years and a whole lot of burnout, to realise something had to change and that I needed to dedicate myself to finding a well-being strategy that actually works.

The turning point came when I started to develop a much more active and holistic approach to my well-being, discovering tools and techniques that had REAL practical use in my day-to-day life. 

Since then, over the past 8 years, I have:
- Built confidence to live my life authentically and unapologetically
- Overcome debilitating anxiety and depression that hindered my goals and ambitions
- Grown resilience to enable me to rise above and overcome life's unpredictable stressors
​- Got out of overwhelm and into a life that flows with ease 
- Let go of perfectionism and unrealistic expectations 
- Created a life filled with peace and happiness

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own well-being and personal growth, so that I can be my best self to help wonderful women like you on their journey towards a better, more fulfilling life.

Services Offered

*Please note that the prices are subject to change based on exchange rate and other factors. They need to be confirmed with the expert prior to redeeming your experience.

Expertise and certifications

Nicole is certified in Anxiety coaching, emotional intelligence coaching, positive psychology coaching, Emotional freedom technique, yoga nidra meditation, breath work and somatic coaching.


She is also a Human Biology Expert, Nervous System Specialist and ex-University of Cambridge Scientist.

Nicole has shared insights on overcoming anxiety in various podcasts and media publications

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Nicole's Emotional Freedom Accelerator helped me understand my anxiety and overwhelm and equipped me with concrete strategies and tools that changed the way I manage both. I longed to "find my joy" again but had no idea how or even what I wanted that joy to be. Nicole helped me set goals, unpack my values and strengths, and craft what a joy-filled life could look like again. I left every session with a clear understanding of my next steps and tools and techniques to help me along the way.


I feel that I now know how to get out of survival mode through the science and research-based understanding I gained about the nervous system. I've started to "befriend" my anxiety rather than fight it or wish it away which has helped me know how to address what I'm going through. Deep breathing, EFT, reflection, and self-compassion are now regular activities for me.


My investment in the Emotional Freedom Accelerator was well worth it and I look forward to continued growth as I incorporate all that I learned and discussed with Nicole


I was at a point my mental health journey where I felt like I was struggling every day to just function, let alone thrive. I am high-functioning and always have been but, after having been repeatedly beaten down by a supervisor, daily, I lost confidence, self-esteem, and trust in myself and my abilities. I was questioning everything in my life; my career, relationships, etc.


Enter Nicole...


After only a few sessions with her, I felt my power coming back, my confidence resurfacing and my ability to separate self from others become stronger. I am so pleased with the progress thus far and would highly recommend Nicole's program to anyone in similar circumstances as I was! 


What can I say, the last 3 months have been life changing to say the least. Before I started working with Nicole I was all over the place. My business was doing well but at the expense of my own happiness & peace.


My family were baring the brunt of my misery and seeing how it was affecting them gave me the kick up the butt to reach out for help. I knew there was something holding me back from feeling fulfilled and confident in my work. Nicole was so knowledgeable in her understanding of the nervous system & being a fellow entrepreneur she understood the kind of troubles I was facing.


Nicole's coaching and support helped me to heal my subconscious beliefs and shift to feeling worthy, loveable & confident to show up in my business. I feel resilient, my nervous system feels calm and my life and business are filled with far more love & ease. I highly recommend Nicole’s coaching program.

Download Nicole's FREE
Anxiety Relieving Toolbox

Get access to this very effective toolbox Nicole uses to calm her anxiety and regulate her nervous system. Say hello to a calm mind, get out of overwhelm, STOP overthinking, feel refreshed and ready to live life to YOUR fullest. 

- Activate the parasympathetic nervous system into a rest and restore state, reducing anxiety instantaneously

- Calm your brain and activate the release of the neurotransmitter GABA, creating an almost sleep-like state while your brain remains clear and alert

- Process your thoughts clearly and calmly while getting back in control of your life and plan for the future with ease

- Counteract the effect of stress and hyperactivity in the frontal cortex by accessing different parts of the brain that can help you self-soothe and self-regulate 

- Create a more confident and resilient outlook to enable you to deal with life's ever evolving challenges

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Redeem your Gift Certificate

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Nicole's services start from £245 | US $280 | 290€ for a 90-min intensive session

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