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Olivia Alice Wynne

Life & Mindset Coach

I'm Olivia, a mindset/life coach who has helped hundreds of people across the globe change their relationship with their thoughts. I specialise in anxiety, fear, beliefs, awareness and relationship with thought. Life is about creation, and that is the essence of coaching - creating the life you want without living from the past. My coaching approach looks at all of you, and we touch on the past if needed but predominantly work with the present and what you want your future to look like.


Meet Olivia

Hi I'm Olivia, a London based transformational coach. I work with people from all cultures, all ages and i don't have a niche, as the human experience cannot be 'niched down'. I always say that i coach the person, not the 'problem'. I have a relentless passion for coaching at a deeper level, so that the shifts and growth are long lasting, and sustainable. The best way to understand the effects of coaching is to feel it for yourself - i'd love for you to experience this, so please don't hesitate to book a complimentary call in.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Olivia has an Animas transformational coach diploma. She has completed 500+ hours of coaching and supported individuals and organisations across 10 countries globally. 

Olivia has a voluntary coach role at a hospice in South London, coaching the employees in the charity. She is also the Mindset coach for a global fitness brand. 

Michelle, Property Director 

Olivia has been my 1-1 Coach for just over 12 months. I can honestly say that my experience with Olivia has been unbelievable and has made a massive contribution to my confidence and self-belief. My confidence has grown, I have regained a positive outlook and have developed the skills to acknowledge and accept thoughts but not dwell on them which for me was habitual and affected my ability to move on at work and in personal life, freeing up my mind for embracing challenges head on. I am carrying on with this journey with 1-1 coaching to continue to develop my personal growth. The 1-1 sessions are always inspiring, sometimes emotional and provide many ‘light bulb moments’ of realisation and deeper understanding of myself. Olivia is supportive, available for out of session support if needed and encourages me to explore areas of my being further without pressure. I would fully recommend OA Coaching for anyone looking for a 1-1 life coach and have already recommended Olivia to close friends and colleagues.


Emma, Sales Director

40 years on the planet with most of that battling with imposter syndrome, self confidence and self belief. 41 years on the planet and my life has changed. The last year has been the most monumental, clarifying of self purpose, a reframe perspective of my self and my capabilities, the richest journey of discovery and the happiest and bravest I've been - mentally, professionally, emotionally. This is the collection of life changing moments and discoveries through the talent dedicated and committed coaching of Olivia.A formidable capacity for listening, coaching, analysing, creating unique strategies with a deep ability to build sustainable, safe and honest relationships in work and outside. Olivia personifies for me what a life coach needs to be. Olivia is not my first coach but she is certainly my last as her role in my life is truly quantified and far from theory - her commitment to me in and out of our sessions is consistently high and invested. She is a humble person who never ceases to impress me where she gets me to in our sessions. I cannot endorse the talents and dedication of Olivia enough.

Laura, Marketing Director

Working with Olivia has been truly heartwarming experience, or heart-opening I should say. 6 months ago, I reached out to her to help me to achieve '3 major goals' of my life as I did not know how to do it, I felt stuck. During our 6 months of coaching, she helped me to dive so deep into the depths of my own heart, that those external goals were not my goals I understood they were a mere attempt to fill in the missing parts within my own self externally. Yet, when I started to fill them in from the inside out, with the help of Olivia: to work on my limiting beliefs, my relationship & attitude towards myself, and my deep rooted fears of intimacy, I realised those external goals did not really matter anymore, or the result I wanted to achieve was always there with me to start with... I only could not see it before. I am grateful to Olivia for always holding a safe space for me to unleash my deepest wounds and desires, and showing me that transformation and coaching do not have to be a tough process. And in fact it can be facilitated in a gentle and compassionate way whilst providing a safe space for us to heal and grow. Thank you, Olivia.

Olivia explains her approach to coaching

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