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How can men benefit from life coaching?

To answer this question, we have spoken to Dan Skeates, Coaching Psychologist who specialises in Life Coaching for Men. Dan has had a diverse and interesting life, including starting businesses, working in the corporate world, travelling the world and co-founding a charity supporting homeless people.

What led you to the world of Life Coaching for Men?

I experienced transformation and growth culminating in a change of direction about 10 years ago. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, I decided to leave my successful career behind and spent the following 18 months riding a motorbike overland, solo from London to Sydney through 37 countries. (You can read about Dan's adventures here). It was whilst travelling on my Destination Unknown trip that I realised I wanted to focus on helping people. As soon as I returned home, I co-founded Cool to be Kind, a community group supporting rough sleepers on the streets and lobbying for systemic change.

My interest in people then led me to study psychology, where I discovered the humanistic approach and then positive psychology, which focuses on both individual and societal wellbeing. I attained a Masters in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology and from then, focused on helping men with their change and forward movement.

What do you typically help Men with?

Men come to me because they are stuck, sometimes overwhelmed and struggling. They want change and find it difficult to achieve it on their own. They want a clear direction and pathway to move forward and grow. Helping men increase their wellbeing and achieve their goals is at the heart of everything I do.

Can you talk about your approach to coaching Men?

I come from the Humanistic Perspective of Psychology. This means that the men I work with have all the answers regarding what they need to change themselves. However, they are stuck and don’t have enough clarity and motivation to change their behaviour themselves.

What's the best way for men to choose a life coach to work with?

How men feel about their coach and what they perceive their coach feels about them is a prerequisite to achieving the change they desire. Establishing the quality of the connection between a man and their coach is easy, they have to connect, either face to face or online. This is the very essence of why I suggest we meet for a free initial meeting. Only after this can men decide if I am the right coach for them.

What benefits or transformation do men experience after your coaching sessions?

My role is to help the men I work with gain clarity regarding their current situation, understand why they are stuck and explore the options for change. Part of my expertise lies in creating a confidential, safe space for men to explore their thoughts. Together we create a tailored strategy to get them to where they want to be.

The culmination of working together is a goal oriented behaviour, where they align their behaviour with their goals and desires. Both the process of sessions and the relationship between my clients and I is at the heart of their change. It is the combination of my life experiences, investment in my education, understanding of psychology and ability to focus on every man as an individual which helps men achieve the change they want.

About Dan

Dan Skeates is a Life Coach for Men. He is also a Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) ‘Special Group in Coaching Psychology’, and accredited as an Associate Coach & Member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

If you are interested in working with him or know someone who might be, check out his profile and consider purchasing one of our Gift Certificates. You can also visit Dan's website.


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