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How to choose a coach that’s right for you?

Coaching is a global phenomenon that's being embraced by a growing number of people. According to Forbes ''the number of coaches available across the world has been growing steadily for the past two decades.''

This trend means that selecting a coach to work with can be a more challenging task than expected.

There are so many coaches out there that it’s hard to know where to begin the selection process (hello choice paralysis!). Unlike other industries, the price tag isn’t always a reliable indicator for the quality of the service delivered and the transformational impact it can have.

Coaching isn’t a regulated industry so it’s also easy to come across people who call themselves “coaches” without actually having the relevant experience and competencies.

Which criteria should we prioritise when looking to hire a coach?

Here are six points to consider in order to facilitate your decision making process:

1- Notice what your gut is telling you Is it a FULL-BODY yes or do you have doubts (even the slightest)? Your gut is never wrong.

2- Check how much you’ve learned from the person’s free content. This is a good indicator of whether or not they are qualified to support you at this specific stage of your journey.

3- Look for somebody who will help you improve your relationship with your thoughts. This will likely be a coach who has deep knowledge about how the mind works and how it affects emotions and actions.

4- Notice what they share about their own transformation Will they be able to understand where you are coming from?

5- Talk to them to see how much you actually enjoy interacting with them Coaching is a very intimate experience! Most coaches offer a discovery session, that’s a great way to check if you’re a good coach / client match.

6- Does this coach make you want to change your life for the better? An important part of the transformation that comes with coaching is feeling inspired to make changes to our lives. When considering hiring a coach, ask yourself: ''Do they inspire me to transform my reality?''

Most coaches offer discovery sessions or free events you can attend in order to experience their approach and understand whether or not you are a good coach-client match. Make the most of these freebies if you are hesitant with your decision. These experiences will likely validate or strengthen your intuition.

About the author:

Ariane Sartor is a business coach and mentor. If you are interested in working with her or know someone who might be, check out her profile and consider purchasing one of our Gift Certificates. You can also follow Ariane on social media to discover more of her content: Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and LinkedIn.


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