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How to overcome unworthiness wounds and build unstoppable self-belief

Whether intentional or not, the unworthiness wounds create feelings of inadequacy, hopelessness and insecurity about who we are and our place in the world. We end up disconnected to our bodies and fear putting ourselves out there and being fully seen.

When we believe that love is conditional and don’t feel worthy to just be, our needs feel unimportant. Busyness and achievement are often what puts our mind at ease. We’re constantly pushing and are riddled with guilt.

3 steps to unlock unstoppable self-belief

I want to share 3 steps to overcome a feeling of unworthiness and build unstoppable self belief:

1️/ Radical self acceptance & self compassion.

Because true happiness and success are found when we are kind, compassionate & accepting of ourselves. Even more so when we fail & make mistakes (as all humans do). Acceptance doesn’t mean condoning bad behaviour, it’s accepting what is, what you can control and what you can’t and using that to move forward in conscious awareness.

2️/ Living within the integrity of your goals & values.

When we say we’re going to do something then we don’t or if we value things such as honesty or personal growth but we are not honest with ourselves or we stay stuck when we know change is needed, we’re living out of alignment with what matters to us and this creates a lack of self trust and fuels anxiety.

3️/ Building safety within yourself.

This means feeling safe to show up and speak your truth. To not fear judgement and to know how to regulate & calm your nervous system when needed. The safer you feel, the stronger you become.

How will developing unwavering self-belief change my life?

You have unwavering self belief when you trust yourself and have your own back, no matter the outcome. Sure there’s moments of doubt but your thoughts aren’t always based on reality and they only push you to succeed.

This radical self love means you no longer fear judgement from others.

You love yourself unconditionally and it fills your days with JOY, FREEDOM & EASE.

You feel emotionally free to take bold steps towards your dreams.

You show up for your family, go for the promotion, change jobs/careers and you ask for the pay rise you know you deserve.

You show up as your best self and your family & friends mention the change.

You’re done with resentment, discontentment and things that no longer serve you.

You show up for yourself unapologetically because of the safety you’ve built from within. You love yourself unconditionally. No ifs or buts.

You take care of your needs and those around you get the very best if you.

You feel worthy of having the best life and create the life of your dreams.

You feel empowered to show up, authentically as you.

Your mind feels at ease.

You’re glowing with positivity.

How can I accelerate my journey to unstoppable self-belief?

To heal the unworthiness wound and build unstoppable self belief, we must feel seen, heard and held. This often requires a trusting relationship as you cannot be the one holding yourself. Working with someone will allow you to unravel the narrative and truly relinquish this subconscious belief.

I’m all too familiar with the wound of unworthiness.

I’ve lived it, I've breathed it and, oh boy, did it hold me back.

It made me feel small and scared to be seen.

Overcoming this limiting belief was the best thing I’ve ever worked on.

And I’m honoured to help others on this journey to heal this wound from within.

If you’re ready to create safety within yourself, start feeling worthy of the life you desire and truly experience what it feels like to be emotionally free, all while embodying the person you always wanted to be, get in touch to learn more about how I can help you create emotional freedom with joy & ease.

About the author:

Nicole is a high functioning anxiety coach, nervous system specialist and ex-University of Cambridge Scientist. She supports ambitious female leader and teaches them how to use evidence-based tools and knowledge to break free from negative states of mind, and uncover the highest possible version of themselves.

If you are interested in working with Nicole or know someone who might be, check out her profile and consider purchasing one of our Gift Certificates that can be redeemed against her services. You can also follow Nicole on social media to discover more of her content on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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