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Redeeming a gift certificate:
Each gift certificate entitles the holder to choose a service from one expert featured on at the time when it is redeemed. Experts offer individual personal or professional development sessions, group experiences, monthly memberships or events (workshops, etc.). The gift certificates can be redeemed against any of these.

  • If the service wanted exceed the amount on the gift certificate, the expert will invoice the gift certificate holder separately for the remainder.
  • If the service wanted is less than the amount on the gift certificate, Gift for the Mind will provide a credit to the gift recipient that they can use towards other experts and /or services.

The gift certificate is valid 2 years from the date of purchase.

Services availability:
The services provided by the experts are subject to availability.


Once a gift certificate is purchased, no refund is possible. However, the gift certificates are not linked to a specific name, therefore they can be given to another recipient.

Gift Certificates can be easily extended for a cost of £5 by emailing:

Gift Certificates cannot be replaced if they are lost and are invalid if altered or tampered with. We can accept no liability in these circumstances.

Gift Certificate Activation:
Gift recipients can activate their Gift Certificate on the website here once they have chosen which expert they'd like to redeem their experience with.

Booking an experience:
Our e-gift certificates include an activation code (displayed at the bottom of the e-certificate) which will be required to book the experience.

Experience cancellation:

Once a booking is made with an Expert (Service provider), the gift certificate holder is bound by the Expert / Service Provider terms and conditions. Each gift recipient needs to make sure that they understand the expert's rules regarding changing or cancelling a booking (particularly at short notice) as a refund will not be offered by Gift for the Mind in the case of infringement of these rules. The expert may provide a replacement for the service in the event of cancellation by the participant owing to circumstances beyond their control.

Quality of service provided by the experts:

We have contracts in place with our Service Providers (The experts) regarding their standard of performance. Once a booking has been made with a Service Provider (expert), the gift certificate holder is also bound by the terms and conditions of that Service Provider. By purchasing or redeeming a Gift Certificate for an Experience or Service you acknowledge that Experiences are dependent on certain factors beyond the control of Gift for the Mind and agree that we are not liable for the cancellation, postponement or alteration of any Experience / Services for reasons beyond our reasonable control.

Please note that experts, services and prices displayed on the site are subject to change without notice.

E-Gift Certificate (£100)

  • Description

    This gift certificate can be redeemed against a variety of coaching experiences delivered by talented experts including: general life coaching, career coaching, mindset coaching, relationship coaching, emotional well-being support, loss and grief support, parent and family coaching, relationship and separation coaching, sobriety coaching, confidence coaching, leadership coaching, productivity coaching, sleep coaching, nutrition support, business mentoring and more.

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