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Rachel Fowler

Grief Guide and Coach

''Grief is transformative.  It changes us, moulds us into something new.  It takes intention and reflection and being present to fully appreciate the metamorphosis, and to accept it, welcome it, turn towards it. I'll guide you through, ​I'll listen and I'll witness. Together we'll remember, we'll explore, we'll cry and we'll laugh.''

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Meet Rachel

Rachel Fowler is a storyteller.  Whether as an actor, director, writer, or coach, she celebrates human stories, and the power they have to heal, reveal hidden truths and to transform.  She is passionate about making the world more grief literate and more compassionate, both towards ourselves and each other.  

When her 13 year old nephew died of a drug overdose on her daughter's birthday in 2016, she turned to creative writing to process her grief.  She's written and directed a short film about holding space for each other, is working on a YA adult novel about forgiving ourselves and has completed several personal essays and pieces of flash fiction.


The death of her nephew and the collective grief COVID brought around the world both inspired her to become a Grief and Loss Coach in 2020.  She currently works with the PR ARMY in Ukraine and with Table 11, a new charity for young people in grief.

“When we suffer a loss – whether a death, a move, a break up, a firing (just to name a few, this is by no means a complete list) – we are wounded.  It affects us physically: we may sleep too much or not enough, our appetites change, we move more slowly, we have difficulty thinking, we may weep, ruminate and develop aches in our muscles, in our heads, our bones. 

It affects us spiritually - we may have a crisis of faith or confidence.  Our identity comes into question – who are we now without (fill in the blank)?  

Who are we now that we have suffered this way?  

Who are we now that we are not that anymore?

This is the work we will do together.  

We will investigate, be curious, tell stories, laugh and cry together.
I’ll guide you through storytelling, creative writing prompts, embodiment techniques to deepen your insight and let yourself feel all the feels in safety, without judgement. 

Your story matters.  Your loss matters.”

Service Offered

Expertise and certifications

Rachel is Certified in Business and Personal Coaching from Barefoot Coaching, a PCC with the ICF.  She is also certified in the Rewind Technique, both from the Human Givens Institute, but also from Dr. David Muss, creator of the technique. 

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Zoë Perry

I am profoundly grateful to Rachel for her professional support and counselling, as I grieve the death of my life partner.
I felt her warmth and empathy but also benefited from her highly skilled methods. These were quite unlike any other techniques I have previously encountered. They were novel.

Rachel drew on my own skills, which in my case included theatre and journalism, and she led me through a creative process of getting close to my late partner, Suzanne. I was helped to look at our lives together. The things Rachel asked to do made this an intense and revealing experience.

What was most powerful was that through my “homework’ I explored experiences Suzanne and I had shared together in our lives. This was in a way that would in all probability never have been uncovered and would not have been as vivid had more traditional counselling techniques been used. And I derived great comfort from those revealed memories.


Omar Faiz

I never thought I’d ever seek out a grief counsellor and didn’t really know that such a thing existed, but I’m so grateful for what Rachel has done in just a few sessions. I learned so much about the grieving process, most notably that almost everything we are taught about loss is counterproductive to actually grieving. Rachel has a very kind and caring way of listening and steering you through this difficult time. Meeting with her is one of the most important steps I’ve taken in my life with respect to mental health after the passing of my mom.

My mom passed away in June 2021. After several months, I still could not allow myself to address my mother’s passing and would quickly change the subject in my mind when I’d reflect on my mom. I’d allow myself to get distracted and put off the grieving process. I knew this wasn’t healthy when it started to impact other areas of my life. Thankfully, I had Rachel to help guide me through this. She helped me understand that there is no defined way to grieve after a loss, but it’s important to allow yourself to feel all of the emotions involved as part of the process. She’s an incredible listener and I’m so thankful I met with her as part of this grieving journey and hopefully I can one day help others the way she helped me.

Fiona Dunn

Rachel has been working with me these last months as a grief counsellor after the loss of my father. Rachel's approach is deeply caring and nurturing.


At the same time she acts as a guide through difficult realisations and questions. Rachel works practically, including setting personal work outside the sessions and then coming together to investigate this work, with care and a deep sense of listening.


Rachel also allows a space when answers are difficult or unclear. Grief has been a difficult thing to understand and Rachel has offered clear choices at times when I have been unable to see a way forward.

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