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Redeem a Gift Card

  • Where can I find my Gift Certificate Code?
    Your code can be found on your Gift Certificate. It is introduced by the following sentence ''Use the code below to activate your gift certificate''.
  • What happens if the service I want is worth more than the amount on my Gift Certificate?
    If the service costs more than the amount on your gift certificate, the expert will invoice you the remainder separately.
  • What happens if the service I am interested in is worth less than my gift certificate amount?
    If the service costs less than the amount on your Gift certificate, Gift for the Mind will send you another certificate matching the remainder of your gift budget so you can redeem it against another service. This will be done after your gift certificate is activated.
  • What happens if I need to cancel or postpone the experience after it's been booked?
    Once a booking is made with an Expert (Service provider), you are bound by the Expert / Service Provider terms and conditions. Please ensure that you understand the expert's rules regarding changing or cancelling a booking (particularly at short notice) as a refund will not be offered by us in the case of infringement of these rules. The expert may provide a replacement for the service in the event of cancellation owing to circumstances beyond your control.
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