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Sophie Aghdami

One-to-one coaching for individuals wanting to
develop, maintain and strengthen their recovery
from addiction or substance abuse.


Meet Sophie

Sophie helps people maintain long-term recovery from addictive behaviours and substance abuse. At the heart of her recovery coaching practice is a firm belief in an individual’s capacity for change and personal transformation. She also truly believes in the value of a coach, because it’s one of the main reasons she is thriving in life today, free from past damaging patterns and behaviours. To read about her coaching methodology, please visit her website.


Experience is our biggest opportunity to grow. Sophie uses her personal transformative experiences to help others encounter long term, rewarding personal growth and life satisfaction 'on the other side’ of addiction. It is possible to attain, and maintain, a life of meaning, purpose and joy in recovery. She thrives on helping others find their experience of 'flow' – a state of being in which you are fully immersed and at one with what you are doing.


The mental, physical, and spiritual are all in sync working in perfect accord toward reaching the vision. Sophie is accredited with the International Coaches' Register: the worldwide quality mark for active and excellently trained professional coaches.

Services Offered

Expertise and certifications

Sophie is accredited with the International Coaches' Register: the worldwide quality mark for active and excellently trained professional coaches. As your recovery coach she will help you identify your blind spots or triggers, and work with you to develop and strengthen a set of tools to keep you on track, even in the most challenging situations.


She’ll also be there to ground you with support, guidance and accountability for when things feel tough. Her coaching method includes evidence-based psychological and behaviour change methods, and neuroscience.


She does not ascribe to one particular pathway – her approach honours individuality. She tailors your work together using a range of strategies for the best outcomes. She helps you dive deep into your purpose, your ‘raison d’être’, and your motivation for your recovery journey. This helps you work out what you want, most importantly why you want it, and what could be stopping you, before creating a plan of action together.

Without Sophie’s help I dread to think where I’d be right now. She provided me with wisdom, stability and accountability to beat my addiction. 


Just brilliant! Sophie is compassionate, kind and fun to work with with. She helped me understand the necessity of feeding my good wolf (the wolf who’s now my best mate!), and my world is all the better for it. 

I was hooked Valium and had no structure in life. I was a mess. Sophie helped me see the light at the end of tunnel and form strong good habits that broke my addiction and set me up for life.

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Sophie's services start from £130 | US $150 | €150 per hour for a one-to-one coaching session.


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